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Our New World Calendar of 2017-23CE that Transcends, Includes and Updates the former Roman Gregorian Calendar of 1582-2017 CE (Monday, Tues...Jan, Feb...) for

Humanity's Present and Future Generations

  • FROM MONDAY TO MOONDAY! Now is our time to celebrate our satellite named Moon on the former Monday. Somewhere along the line we syncopated Moonday and dropped an "o." All meaning was lost for this day called Monday. Moonday, this day's original name, is now restored, honored and respected in The Universe Story Calendar.

  • FROM TUESDAY TO EARTHDAY! Why honor a God of War on "Twi'sday" when we can now celebrate and respect our "Garden Planet of The Universe" named Earth each former Tuesday? The Universe Story Calendar finally names a day of the week after our planet Earth after 2700 years.

  • A UNIVERSEDAY BLOG entry will appear for an easy lesson on why The Universe Story Calendar is so essential for our Human Family today. Read and sign up for the weekly Universeday Blog!



13.8 Billion Years of Existence

Universeday/Thu., MilkyWayday/Fri., SolarSystemday/Sat. and Sunday/Sunday celebrate our origins as UniversEartHuman. The months of Flaring Forth/Jan., Galaxies/Feb., Supernovas/Mar. and Sun/April guide us into The Universe Story Calendar year so we can tell this New Story to our children.



4.55 Billion Years of Birth and Life

Earthday/Tues. and Moonday/Mon. celebrate our planet and satellite Moon's companionship each week.  Through Living Earth/May, Eukaryotes/June and Plants&Animals/July months in our new world calendar we see how Earth has unfolded into this beautiful Garden Planet of The Universe. Now is our time to save this beauty.



Up to 7 Million Years on Earth

Humanityday each week and the last five months of The Universe Story Calendar (Human Emergence/Aug., Neolithic Villages/Sept., Classical Civilizations/Oct., NationScience/Nov. and Ecozoic Era/Dec.) tell the wonder-filled story of our Human Journey up to today!

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Order new 19 month 2023 CE: The Universe Story Calendar: Year of the Great Turning @around!

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