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Each week on the former Tuesday we now celebrate our planet Earth! The Chapter One below is taken from The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) book of 2017 CE (Common Era) which will help you understand why an Earthday Weekly is so essential for Humanity today.

Please join us in honoring our planet each former Tuesday by celebration Earthday each week instead. Welcome to this TUSCalendar Earthday Weekly Project that will be promoted right up to Earth Day Yearly's 50th Anniversary in 2020 CE and beyond!



Finally, after 2770 Years,

an Earthday Each Week!

“Before I flew I was already aware of how small and vulnerable our planet is, but only when I saw Earth from space, in all the ineffable beauty and fragility, did I realize that humankind’s most urgent task is to cherish and preserve Earth for future generations.”

Astronaut Sigmund Jahn Germany Soyuz 31 Flight

“Once a photograph of the Earth, taken from the outside, is available – a new idea as powerful as any in history will be let loose.”

Fred Hoyle British Astrophysicist 1948 CE

I wonder if Gaylord Nelson, the founder of Earth Day in 1970 CE looked into the reasons why there has never been a day of the week named for this beautiful blue dot, third rock from the Sun we humans named Earth? I am in deep gratitude to him and others for naming this fairly recent national and international holy day of environmental reflection and action. Naming this day Earthday, as well as the month of celebration to be April has launched a new sense of wonder about our place in The Universe Story. How often? Once a year on the 22nd of April, no matter what day of the week it fell on.

Personally, I didn't start honoring Earth Day until I was teaching high school in 1987 CE. I was part of a team that planned and implemented educational materials to be used on and around that day. Through this lesson planning each year a curriculum was established to celebrate our planet. Little did I realize that Earthday and the calendar would lead me to this Universe Story Initiative. So began my personal journey to become conscious of my role in this magnificent, dramatic Universe Play our Human Family has a central part in.

The date April 22 was chosen for the first annual Earth Day because it would fall after Easter and Spring Break but before Final Exams in the Universities. Gaylord Nelson was aware of the student Vietnam anti-war movement and wanted them to be able to participate in this environmental consciousness raising event. He also witnessed the 1969 CE huge oil spill at Santa Barbara, California which deeply connected with Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring wake-up call book in 1962 CE about our countries abuse of chemicals. 20 million Americans participated in that first Earthday which led to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Clean Air Act later in 1970 CE. 200 million took action in 1990 CE Earth-wide in 141 countries as the movement grew. Now about one billion people Earth-wide celebrate and engage yearly in the honoring of our planet and Earth Community of all Beings!(

After two decades of celebrating Earthday and the four seasons within the Christian Liturgical Calendar of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter, I awoke to the evidential knowing and learning that the Human Family has been gathering for tens of thousands of years to welcome the Equinoxes and Solstices, based on the Earth’s seasons of summer, autumn, winter, and spring, on or around the 22nd, same as Earthday. Summer Solstice rituals to mark the longest daytime and shortest nighttime in the Northern (June 20-22) and Southern (Dec. 20-23) Hemispheres of Earth were happening hundreds of generations before Buddha spread compassion on Earth. Autumn Equinox rituals signaling equal (equi) daytime and night (nox) time for both Hemispheres during Sept. 20-23 and March 20-23 have been yearly highlights for our ancestors for thousands of years before Jesus taught love on Earth. So my passion for the four seasons and Earth's deep companionship with our day star Sun and satellite Moon evolved.

Through a book club in 2005 CE I was introduced to Thomas Berry and his classic “The Dream of The Earth.” The story of our planet was opened up to me like a cherry blossom. This holistic telling of Earth's story through various essays like The New Story, The Ecological Age and The Earth Community brought me to a new level of consciousness. These short stories of “who we humans are today” as well as our entire Earth Story within the overall context of The Universe Story laid a new foundational pathway for me. As with The Universe Story, there was no turning back.

I went on to go to the Sophia Center graduate school in California to unfold this new Human, Earth and Universe Story in 2007 CE. Founded in the mid 1990’s within Holy Names University in Oakland, CA, the Sophia Center was based on Thomas Berry’s fourfold Wisdoms of our present and new Ecozoic Era; The Indigenous, Feminine, New Science and Classical Civilizations Wisdom’s. This full year of study and community opened up my Body, Mind and Spirit through classes like The New Consciousness, The Universe Story, Analyzing Your Dreams, Tai Chi and Zero Point Painting.

While at Sophia Center I began organizing Equinox and Solstice gatherings at the San Francisco Bay where I would hand out my four month Seasonal Calendars that listed the local Sunrise/set, Moonrise/set and Moon phases times and dates. The Summer Seasonal Calendar would go from June 20-23 to Sept. 20-23 to help me and others closely follow the daily revolutions, orbits and companionship of Earth, Sun and Moon. Frequent Sunset and Full Moon gatherings became meaningful, celebratory rituals.

The Seasonal Calendar gave me an educational tool to prepare and study every three months. Friends started asking for the calendar and attending the Equinox and Solstice ritual celebrations. The individual awakenings to this new perspective on what happens during each Earth day with the interrelatedness of Sun, Moon and Earth was unfolding. I was now a member of the Homo Sapien Sapien species within the Earth Community of elements, minerals, seas, plants and animals. I now knew that all Beings are “a Communion of Subjects not a Collection of Objects” as Thomas Berry said so often.

In 2011 CE I had the opportunity to slowly digest the epic book “The Universe Story” by Brian Thomas Swimme and Thomas Berry. I had moved onto Earth Abides Farm and had a winter season to become aware of the overall context of how “all that is” “came to be.” I had read some of the book a few years previous with the deep desire to come back to it with way more time. Here was my opportunity and did I take advantage. I poured over each page and word while journaling my findings. I was part of a journey that began 13.8 billion years ago? I am a unique Being of the human species that has a deep interior core that is in communion with all other Beings in The Universe Story!? You betcha!

In 2013 CE, I learned that the first ever Earthday was either going to be scheduled on the Spring Equinox, March 20-23, or the date that was actually chosen, April 22 in 1970 CE. In looking more deeply at that choice I became aware that we actually already had five Earthdays on our yearly calendar! If you took the four Equinoxes and Solstices along with the April 22 Earthday you would have five days, on or around the 22nd of five different months that commemorate Earth's journey around our day star Sun. This synchronicity, a coincidence with meaning, led me to name a new teaching tool, Earthday Monthly, on my Seasonal Calendar.

Earthday Monthly by Thomas Spiritbringer

(tune: Michael Row your Boat Ashore)

Refrain: Each month on/around the 22nd, Earthday Monthly,

Humanity's Time to Ramp it Up! Earthday Monthly.

April 22, 1970 CE; first yearly Earthday,

April 22, 2014 CE; Earthday Monthly.


Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter; Each Equinox and Solstice

Birth, Life, Death, Regeneration; All life's cycles.


Each Human is called to their Great Work; Like writing this song

Name yours and bring forth beauty; On this planet.


Our Earth Community is more that Humans; Like Trees and Bears

The Web of Life includes All; Of/In/On Earth.


While celebrating Earthday Monthly the past few years I began wondering how I could bring the rest of The Universe Story into the Seasonal Calendar. As Thomas Berry reminds us, within the overall context of The Universe Story we have the Earth and Human Stories respectively. Each is essential for a comprehensive, coherent view of how each Eon, Era and Period of The Universe Story unfolded into today. So I decided to take the evolutionary Mode of Consciousness, Time-development, and apply this to the Seasonal Calendar. Since our overall Story began 13.8 BYA, As Of Today, I named the 13th of each month Universeday. The remains of our human ancestor Toumai, found in the African country of Chad in 2001 CE has been dated as being from seven million years ago, so I named the 7th of each month Humanityday. After some reflection I kept the 22nd as Earthday Monthly in honor and respect for our original Earthday of April 22, 1970 CE. So now Earthday had gone from being once a year to once a month. Could we take it farther?

On Sunday, August 2, 2015 CE, while referencing Rachel Carson in the bibliography of The Universe Story book, a synchronicity came unto me. Her key book, Silent Spring, celebrated 25 years in 1987 CE with an updated anniversary edition. Hmmm. TUS book was released in 1992 CE so when would the 25th anniversary be? 2017 CE. 17 months from that day. As Brian Thomas Swimme says in his talks and videos “How are we going to tell The Universe Story to our children?” This discovery unleashed a flurry of creative ideas about how this Silver Anniversary could become an epic event in the time-development of The Universe. Through a new avenue of gatherings and tellings of this New Story within a whole year of celebration, this next generation of 25 years of our UniversEartHuman Story could unfold into conscious self-awareness.

Then came Launch Day of the Initiative on Earthday, April 22, 2016 CE. Believe it or not, our farm and neighbors were hit by a lightning bolt while we were all signing the Celebration Declaration! TUS reminds us that lightning struck the early Earth 4 BYA for 100 million years bringing forth life in the oceans. From Earthday 2016 CE to Earthday 2018 CE our Human Family is invited to celebrate these first as well as the next 25 years and generations of telling The Universe Story through the epic book and movement of the same name. You could say that TUS Movement has been around for 13.8 Billion Years with Pierre Teilhard de Chardin recognizing it with his four phase evolution of the Galactic, Earth, Life and Human in his 1959 CE book “The Human Phenomenon.” This would be followed by Thomas Berry’s essay “The New Story” in 1978 CE and then “The Universe Story” in 1992 CE by Berry and Swimme. A Celebration Declaration was drawn up to encapsulate the deep meaning of this key moment in our Human Story:

The Universe Story Celebration Declaration


2017 CE is the 25th Anniversary of The Universe Story by Brian Thomas Swimme and Thomas Berry, our Human Community needs to move from a destructive presence to a mutually-enhancing Earth-Human presence on this “Garden Planet of the Universe” called Earth.


We, in celebration, declare 2017 CE Year of The Universe Story so this 13.8-billion-year journey of who we are as Human, Earth, and Universe Communities can be told throughout our whole Human Family at this time of Great Peril and Great Promise.

Signed _________________Date __________Representing (self, group, etc.)________

Little did I realize that the very next Earthday Monthly, May 22, 2016 CE, one month after the Launching of, I would be called upon to Ramp It Up! While journaling, reading and sipping on coffee that Sunday morning of awakening the Weekday Calendar came forth. Having already established Universeday, Humanityday and Earthday each month, that day I was remembering Sunday as the first day of the week. I was reading about the stupendous process of how a star is birthed in The Universe Story book within the chapter named “Sun.” Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme intentionally started some chapters with a short version of The Universe Story to clarify to the reader that “To tell any story you have to tell The Universe Story.” So “Sun” starts with the Primordial Flaring Forth of The Universe Story 13.8 billion years ago with the two main elements of Helium and Hydrogen spewing out along with galactic structures.

So here I am on a Sunday reading in The Universe Story book about how The Sun, our day star, came to be. On Earthday monthly I read, study and experience Earth. On Universeday monthly I read, study and experience The Universe Story. On Humanityday monthly I set aside time to reflect on our Human Story of today and the past 7 million years. How come there is a Sunday weekly and not an Earthday weekly? Or a Universeday weekly? Or a Humanityday weekly? The floodgates are now open. The pieces of the puzzle were fitting together. How can we tell The Universe Story to our children?

I started with the four days that I had already been celebrating. Earthday, Universeday, Humanityday and Sunday. How can I tell The Universe Story through the days of the week? Well, first of all we need three more days to complete a week plus they would need to be in an order that narrates The Story. Universeday would be the first day of the week. But Sunday is the first day of the week. So I did some looking into the 40 major calendars used throughout the world today. Many cultures, nations and religions follow The Gregorian Calendar's first day of the week as Sunday like Christianity, Canada and Judaism. The Russians and Portuguese give Monday the honor of the first day of the week along with the International Organization for Standardization (I.S.O.). Muhammed named Friday as the holiest day of the week for Muslims in the Qur’an.

For simplicity, ease and global business purposes most nations and cultures use The Gregorian Calendar week that starts with Sunday. Then many use their local, cultural and national weekly calendars for their other needs with whatever first day of the week they celebrate. With these findings that Sunday was not the only first day of the week I continued to piece together The Universe Story Calendar days of the week. New possibilities were now open for investigation.

Ever since The Gregorian Calendar was adopted in 1582 CE, nations and people have tried to create new calendars. In 1792 CE, right after the French Revolution, the French Republican Calendar was introduced to a re-forming nation. The Revolutionaries tossed out The Gregorian Calendar, along with its Holy Days. They based their new calendar on nature and agriculture. This lasted for 14 years until January 1, 1806 CE when Napoleon and the majority of the country wanted their Christian Holy Days and The Gregorian Calendar back intact.

In 1930 CE, Elisabeth Achelis began her efforts to convince everyone on Earth that they needed a business model calendar that could easily be adopted. She introduced The World Calendar which had the same number of days each quarter of the year. It was broken down into three month quarters with each having 31, 30 and 30 days respectfully beginning with January, February and March. Then to get the 365th day a Worldsday would be added in between December 30th and January 1st. In leap years, a Leap Year Day would be inserted/intercalated between June 30th and July 1st. Many international organizations and states seemed ready to adopt The World Calendar. In 1954 CE the Vatican endorsed it; the United States Congress looked into it and in 1961 CE the United Nations came close to voting yes for it. What the United States Congress said was its major flaw was the moving of the sacred religious holy days.

So two key lessons I have learned from other attempts to change, replace and/or update The Gregorian Calendar over the last 435 years are:

  • Leave the numbers alone. The number of days in a week, days in each month, days in a year are just fine. The number of weeks in a year are just fine. The number of months in a year are just fine. Leap year intercalations of one day is just fine.

  • Religious holy days and cultural festivals of the year are sacred to peoples in all nations of the world. Honor and respect them all. Even Constantine in Rome in his Edict in 319 CE only named Sunday as the first day of the 7 day week in respect for other cultures living among them.

This became an essential piece of the pie in deeply looking at telling The Universe Story through the days of the week. Since we now have the overall context of how “all came to be” the new calendar needed to transcend, include and update what came before. So to honor and respect the existing week in whatever ways possible while still telling The New Story, I started off with keeping Sunday right where it is. Knowing the integration story of The Gregorian Calendar, it took most Catholic Christian nations only from 1582-84 CE to start using it where England and the American Colonies commenced it in 1752 CE, China just adopted it in 1949 CE and the Orthodox Church voted it down again in 1971 CE, electing to continue with The Julian Calendar.

Following Sunday I updated and renamed Monday Moonday which is where the origin of the day came from. From Moonday we needed to finally bring Earthday into the week after 2770 long years of waiting since The Old Roman Calendar in 753 BCE. Sun, Moon and Earth are our essential companions for us humans. Speaking of humans, the last day of The Universe Story Calendar week is us! The Human Community’s Story of the last seven million years is told within Humanityday, the day following Earthday.

With three days left in the week and working back from our anchor Sunday, Universeday would transcend and include Thursday as the first day of The Universe Story Calendar week. Knowing that Sunday will continue to be our Human Communities first day of the week for some time Universeday would start off our brand new week. Looking to the epic book that celebrates the unfolding of the Cosmos I was able to fill in our present weekdays of Friday and Saturday with the new days of MilkyWayday and SolarSystemday to complete our journey. These days will be explained in depth in Chapter 3 along with the whole new week within The Universe Story Calendar.

So, from The Universe Flaring Forth 13.8 billion years ago to our planet Earth being born 9.2 billion years later to our Human Community appearing seven million years ago, we finally have an Earthday each week to remind us Humans of who we are As of Today. We continue our exploration of our species, our Earth Community and our Universe Community taking to heart each week that we humans are first and foremost Earthlings that possess a genetic coding for beauty, love, honor and respect on this “Garden Planet of The Universe.”

Earthday transcends, includes and replaces Tuesday: A Story of Synchronicity

As I began my research some of the many discoveries I found along the way were synchronicity’s, coincidences with meaning. These “Ah-ha” moments are means of receiving new psychic energy to carry on with the process. They may not happen for days on end, they may come in bunches and one at a time. The particular synchronicity of Earthday and Tuesday is a key element in turning around our human individual and collective subconscious from war to peace.

Each culture, civilization, religion, etc. have their own reasons and meanings behind their naming of their Days of the Week within a calendar month and year. Most common among the reasons and meaning lies with a Goddess, God and planet which included Sun and Moon. An in depth explanation to these namings will follow in Chapter Two. Tuesday’s history dating back to the Babylonian and Roman calendars of around 700 BCE centers on the planet Mars. Mars is named after the God of War in many cultures including the Romans. The Roman God of War is Martius in the Latin language. In the fifth century CE the Anglo-Saxons renamed Martius Twisday after Twi the Germanic God of War. Today in French the name “Marti” for Tuesday can easily be seen as a reference to Mars, the God of War; or as Gustav Holst calls Mars in his classic WWI-era symphony composition movement “The Planets,” Mars, the Bringer of War.

It is well documented that war has been with our Human Story for a long time. And yet many cultural historians point out that up until the Neolithic Village period in 10,000 BCE, there was an overall matricentric/feminine centered value system among the Human Family. Then when agriculture, settling down in villages and domestication of animals began, a new set of patricentric/masculine centered values arose. According to The Universe Story Timeline on page 275 Humanity hit the plateau of “Chronic Warfare” in 3,300 BCE. Are we at a point in our human journey that we can reach an omnicentric/all centered value system of meaning, reality and peace? When we see our species “story of war” from The Universe Story Calendar perspective we can see that our relationship with war is very short in comparison with how long we have lived in relative peace.

So we can see clearly now that a transition away from a Day of the Week dedicated to Mars, the Bringer of War is good for our collective and individual consciences. No longer can we name planets or stars or satellite Moons after ancient Gods and Goddesses through personification. Mars is the fourth planet from our Sun in the Solar System and is our beautiful neighbor. There has never been a war on Mars nor has Mars brought a war to humans here on Earth or anywhere in The Universe. There are no Martians which just plays into the war motif of an enemy and the assumption of separation.

From Circle to Cycle to Spiral

Remember the song “Circles” by Harry Chapin from 1972 CE?

“All my life's a circle, sunrise and sundown. The moon rolls thru’ the night-time, Till the daybreak comes around. All my life's a circle and I can't tell you why. The seasons spinning ‘round again, and the years keep rolling by.” American Broadcasting Music, Inc.

As I fell deeper and deeper in communion with Earth through reading Thomas Berry, the Seasonal Calendars, journaling and deep thought I came to the realization that my life, our lives, are not “a circle.” The Human Story, Earth Story and Universe Story are all influx. As of Today, all has changed since yesterday.

A closed circle of repetition was being replaced with a cycle of seasons that changed from year to year here on Earth. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, each with an Equinox and Solstice that were celebrated at a different time each year, even though they might fall on the same day. The Earth celebrated cycles and seasons because of the 23 ½ degree tilt Earth’s axis has.

When you look to The Universe from an Earthling perspective today in 2017 CE, we now know that there is a 13.8 BY Spiraling Story of Time-development Events that are irreversible and unrepeatable. The initial closed Circle has now opened past Earthly Seasonal Cycles to our Stupendous, Unfolding and Spiraling Universe!

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