On Moonday, Nov/NationScience 9, 2020CE a community of people gathered to celebrate The Universe Story (TUS) anniversary's: The Universe Story book's 28th anniversary of it's epic release in 1992CE; Thomas Berry's, co-author of TUS book with Brian Thomas Swimme, 106th anniversary of his birth on 11/9/1914CE; and the 3rd anniversary of the promulgation/beginning of The Universe Story Calendar of 11/9/2017CE. The special guests were John Grim and Brian Thomas Swimme. The co-moderators for the evening were Elizabeth McAnally and Thomas Spiritbringer. The host organization was The Universe Story Calendar Initiative and its creator Thomas (Tom) Spiritbringer.

Tom welcomed everyone, shared a little history of the Flaring Forth Celebration, and gave an outline for the annual event.

Then Elizabeth McAnally graced us with a beautiful flute meditation to set the reflective mood for the evening.

Elizabeth then interviewed John Grim about his "Golden year" spent with Thomas Berry at the Riverdale Center for Religious Research on the banks of the Hudson River in New York state. John shared on how that year with Thomas in many ways, steered his life toward his Great Work with indigenous and native peoples.

Brian Thomas Swimme followed by answering questions from Tom about the 10 years of study, writing and research for the epic The Universe Story book with Thomas Berry. He shared a few stories about how Thomas Berry was willing to challenge a few of Brian's ideas about what the Ecozoic Era would entail. Brian still clearly remembers that meeting at the Oakland Airport with Thomas Berry.

The everning ended with a few questions and sharing of The Universe Story memories.

See ya next year everyone. There is a video of the event in The New Story blog menu in this website.

Cheers for 2021CE! Year of the Human Community of Beings!  Tom