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On Humanityday, Nov/NationScience 9, 2022CE a community of people gathered to celebrate The Universe Story (TUS) anniversary's on Zoom: The Universe Story book's 30th anniversary of it's epic release in 1992CE; Thomas Berry's, co-author of TUS book with Brian Thomas Swimme, 108th anniversary of his birth on 11/9/1914CE; and the 5th Anniversary of the Promulgation/Beginning of The Universe Story Calendar of 11/9/2017CE. The special guest once again was Brian Thomas Swimme with his new memoir book Cosmogenesis: An Unveiling of the Expanding Universe. His colleague at CIIS, Sean Kelly, was also present to interview Brian about his new book. The co-moderators for the evening were Sam King and Thomas Spiritbringer. The host organization was The Universe Story Calendar Initiative and its creator Thomas (Tom) Spiritbringer.

Tom welcomed everyone, shared a little history of the Flaring Forth Celebration, the new 2023ce Universe Story Calendar, sang The Universe Story song and gave an outline for the annual event.

Sean then began his interview with Brian about his hot off the press book: Cosmogenesis.

Brian shared that he recently had realized that he needed to tell his story of coming to the lineage of The New Universe Story with Thomas Berry. The book lays out his personal story from discovering Thomas Berry work and then hooking up with Matthew Fox. As part of Matthew's program in Creation Spirituality he met Thomas Berry and that led to their writing, then publishing of The Universe Story together 30 years ago. A gift to the Universe Story community that fills in many parts of the companionship between them. Also the taking over of one's life when Thomas Berry's Great Work infiltrates your existence!

The evening ended with a few questions and

Cheers for 2023CE! Year of the Great Turning @round!  Tom

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