Twenty years ago, in 1999 CE (Common Era), Thomas Berry released The Great Work: Our Way into the Future  to the Human Community. With the crucial climate crisis decade of the 2020’s CE right around the corner now is Humanity’s time to name their individual, interior and communal Great Work.

On a beautiful Autumn day people gathered to celebrate The Universe Story at the former Sophia Center classroom at Holy Names University in Oakland, CA. After a ritual honoring the Human, Earth and Universe Communities those attending were challenged as Humans to see the next ten years has The Soaring 2020's: Humanity's Golden Decade! How can each of us as individuals and Humanity as a whole promote the Great Work of moving from a destructive species to the beautiful, mutually beneficial species we are wired to be!

After lunch we looked at the Great Work of our teacher and friend, Thomas Berry who passed in 2009 CE. Robert McDermott and Elizabeth McAnally dialogged about his life and work. Allysyn Kiplinger followed with a report back from the "Living Legacy" gathering in Greensboro, N.C. where Thomas Berry grew up. She shared stories and pictures of how the 100 folks spent there days together over Berry's death anniversary on June 1, 2019 CE.

Drew Dellinger and Betty Kissilove led a discussion of where The Universe Story Movement is on this planet at this time. So much Great Work happening around this country and the entire Earth!

Elizabeth McAnally sent us out into the world with her presentation on her Water Ethics. Through Tai Chi movements we celebrated our Earth Community Beings, especially water and the other elements.

In deep gratitude for all participants as a great deal of networking, stories and support was had!


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