• Thomas TUSCalendarist

5th Anniversary of the calendar's Days of the Week! "If there is a day to celebrate the Sun each ...

week, why isn't there a day to celebrate our planet Earth." This statement was made by the author and creator of The Universe Story Calendar on 5/22/2016ce while watching the Sun rise on a Sunday morning while listening to a radio music program named Sunday Morning Sunrise. The answer to that question happened through the making of our new world calendar that tells our new Universe Story through the new seven days of the week: Universeday, MilkyWayday, SolarSystemday, Sunday, Moonday, Earthday, and Humanityday.

Notice the seven symbols for the new seven days of the week in The Universe Story Calendar. They are actual Universe community beings that are a real part of our stupendous cosmos! No more need for supernatural gods like Thor(Thorsday), Freya(Friday), Saturnalis(Saturday), Twis(Tuesday), and Wodin(Wednesday). Telling our new story of how we all got here, what our mission as humans is, where we can choose to go as a species among species, and who we have been, are today, and need to become tomorrow is there for the taking in this new world calendar.

Feel free to download the book and calendar from the menu bars. It will change your perspective and help you celebrate our magnificent Universe and you!

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