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ALL-HALLOWED? YES! Each And Every Universe Community Being is Hallowed/Holy in The Universe Story.

The song "Holy Now" by Peter Mayer opened the doors for many people into the perception and reality that each Universe Community Being is holy and deserves honor and respect. From the smallest neutrino to the largest supercluster of galaxies and each being inbetween is now known to be a recipient of existence here in the Universe in 2019 CE (Common Era). What a wonder-filled actuality to celebrate!

Today, Nov/NationScience 1, is All-Hallowed's or All-Saints Day for the Catholic Christian Church, a day honoring the lives of various follower's of Jesus over the past two thousand years. These were men and some women who, according to the Catholic Christian Church, led very holy and dedicated lives as Christians.

Tomorrow, Nov/NationScience 2, is All-Soul's Day for the Catholic Christian Church and Day of the Dead culturally for those of Mexican and other heritages. This day is a time of prayer for all Human Being souls that have died. One of the latest estimates of how many Human Beings have lived on Earth in the last 50,000 years is 101.5 billion. Today there are 7.7 billion of us on our "Garden planet of the Universe."

If you look closely at these two "All" days, they only focus on the Human-Human relationship and on those people who have died already. Now if you look at October 31 you see the two celebrations of "Samhain" and "All-Hallowed Eve" or Halloween. Samhain is the Wiccan/Pagan/Celtic (Pagan means "Country Dweller") cross-quarter celebration of harvest, New Year and ancestors. It is a cross-quarter celebration because it falls between the Sept/Villages Equinox and the Dec/Ecozoic Solstice each year. There are eight Sabbats in the Wheel of the Year for Wiccan/Pagan/Celtic community which include the four Solstices and Equinoxes along with the four cross-quarters inbetween them. Halloween or All-Hallowed's Eve was and may still be the grafting over of Samhain by the Catholic Christian's so that Jesus and the Human Beings would become the focus instead of the Country Dweller's who were celebrating an Earth spirituality that focused on the relationship between Earth and the Human.

You could say that All-Hallowed Eve, All-Hallowed Saints Day and All-Souls-Day of the Dead was a reductionistic trend into anthropocentrism or a Human-centered focus turn away from the more Earth, Sun and Moon focused time in our Human Story. With this knowing we can journey into a new consciousness that is essential for our species at this time of Great Promise and Great Peril. This is where The Universe Story and The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) come in.

Year of The Universe Community of Beings

2019 CE is the Year of the Universe Community of Beings (UCB) for TUSC. This Community is the overall, inclusive context for all Beings in the Universe. The other two Community's are The Earth Community of Beings and The Human Community of Beings. An essential principle for TUSC is that each and every UCB is essential, loved and welcome because they exist! Simple as that. With our Human Species being the one species with the most consciousness that we know of , As of Today, we can choose this path of deep inclusivity! I will conclude with this Knowing entitled: THE 'ALL IS HALLOWED' KNOWING

"Each Universe Community Being, hallowed is our existence. We are here, throughout the Universe. Transformations happen each moment throughout this stupendous Cosmos. There is abundant energy for each and every Universe Community Being. All of our UniversEartHuman Communities are holy and sacred. In deep gratitude for this new Universe Consciousness for our Human Family in this Ecozoic Era!" A'ho, A'she, Namaste, Amen, Ammin, Kia Ora, The Universe Story! All-Hallowed's 11/1/2019 CE Year of The Universe Community of Beings

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