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and Equinox as one, united Human Family. Within our new, world calendar, The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) of 2017-2020 CE, we have four new seasons that tell our New Story each 12 months. This week we welcome our Eukaryotes Solstice on MilkyWayday/Fri, Eukaryotes/June 21. As you can see this is also Eukaryotes month in TUSC, the former June, as well as the Solstice beginning the Eukaryotes Season of the next 91 days until Villages Equinox in the former September. Why this change you may ask.

The new 12 months and four Seasons of TUSC tell the Journey of The Universe from the Primordial Flaring Forth/Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago to today's Ecozoic Era. Our Human Family continues to move from a Separation model of Nations to a Whole Earth model of Unity and Oneness.

As you can see in the calendar above the Eukaryotes Season goes from 2 billion years ago (BYA) when Eukaryote Cells came onto Earth to help Oxygen transition from a deadly element to a life-giving cell that would help Plants and Animals, including Humans, emerge and breathe. The Eukaryotes Season ends on Villages/Sept Equinox when many Humans stopped being Hunter's and Gatherer's to settle down into villages where they grew food and domesticated animals from around 10,000 BCE (Before Common Era) to around 3,500 BCE.

The new four seasons are:

ECOZOIC Season-from Ecozoic Solstice on Ecozoic Era (EE)/Dec. 21 to Supernovas/Mar Equinox SN/Mar. 21

SUPERNOVAS Season-from Supernovas (SN) Equinox on SN/Mar. 21 to Eukaryotes (EK)/June Solstice EK/June 21

EUKARYOTES Season-from EK Solstice/June 21 to Villages (NV) Equinox on NV/Sept. 21

VILLAGES Season-from NV Equinox/Sept 21 to EE Solstice on EE/Dec. 21

The new Ecozoic Season is a key transition time from the ending of one year/trip around the Sun into the beginning of a new telling of The Universe Story on FlaringForth/Jan. 1. Each year TUSC will be different and changed just as each day is brand new! Irreversible evolution and constant, unrepeatable change are hallmarks of our New Story and new World Calendar. As of Today, all has changed since yesterday! New evidence within the sciences, humanities and religions are guiding Humanity toward our destiny of being a beautiful presence on Earth which means transitioning from our current destructive ways.

Next month, Plants&Animals/July 2019 CE, our new 19 month TUSC for 2020 CE will be released! With 2020 CE being the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day Yearly on April/Sun 22 along with our Earthday Weekly Initiative being celebrated and encouraged on the former Tuesday, now is our time to "Ramp It Up!" Solutions to Global Warming will continue to be included as well as our new four Seasons to tell our New Story through the Solstices and Equinoxes. Don't forget to download TUSC book on this website as well for a deeper understanding of this essential project!

Welcome to our new Eukaryotes Season, 91 days to become more conscious of our role as Humans at this time of Great Promise and Great Peril for our entire Earth Community of Beings. Through the telling of The Universe Story each 7 days and an Earthday Weekly each former Tuesday, individuals and families can now celebrate our UniversEartHuman Stories and Communities each calendar day! Cheers for each of you and your Great Work!

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