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BEING A BEING ON WORLD BEE DAY! Endangered Species aren't just insects anymore!

As I was hiking along a creek recently I noticed a bee that had died laying on the side of the trail. As I usually do, I gently and reverently picked up the Earth Community Being (ECB) and held the bee in the palm of my hand. Then I gave thanks for the (1)Generation of this ECB, the bee's (2)Birth, (3)Life, (4)Death and now (5)Regeneration forward into the Universe Story process. Like each Universe Community Being (UCB) that has gone before this unique, beautiful subject over the last 13.8 billion years, this bee went through the Existence Spiral Spectrum from (1)Generation through (5)Regeneration.

Wildflowers near where deceased bee was found

Today, Earthday Weekly, Living Earth/May 19, 2020CE is Endangered Species Day established by the United Nations. Tomorrow, Humanityday, Living Earth/May 20, 2020CE is World Bee Day also from the UN. What a wonderful two days of reflection on knowing that both Bees and Humans are celebrated ECB's as well as are Endangered Species. The Human Community of Beings (HCB) need bees for pollination for food, not to mention honey, that we humans eat. Bees need humans to provide and preserve flourishing habitat to buzz around in. A mutually enhancing relationship continues to be called for between our species.

Within the Universe Story calendar there is the essential community of "beings" to talk about: The Universe Community of Beings (UCB's). This is our comprehensive context for all the beings and subjects within our new 13.8 billion year Story of the Universe. Each tiniest particle from the Primordial Flaring Forth/Big Bang all the way to our largest super cluster of galaxies we know of through the Hubble Space telescope is included in the UCB's. Yes, our deceased bee as well.

So , we humans belong to all three community of beings: Universe, Earth and Human. As we work on behalf of all Endangered Species including bees and humans, let us celebrate that we are all in this together. One great big community within a fantastic and inspiring new story. I can hear you buzzing with excitement and wonder at the possibilities!

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