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Brian Thomas Swimme & Thomas Spiritbringer 11/9/2017CE

1000 Days of The Universe Story Calendar!! 

We just passed the six month mark of the Covid-19 virus outbreak here in the United States. On this day we recognize World Hepatitis Day by WHO-the World Health Organization which is presented in TUSCalendar on this day 7/28/2020CE (Common Era). I just added WHO dates in this year's calendar! Mmmm.

This Humanityday, Plants & Animals/July 29 is also the 1000th day of our new, World Calendar, The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) which was promulgated and officially birthed on 11/9/2017CE. This date was also the 25th Anniversary of The Universe Story book of 1992CE by Thomas Berry and Brian Thomas Swimme as well as Thomas Berry's 103rd anniversary of his birth! In honor of Thomas Berry today is Berryan Date #1000! Let me explain.

In the Western World Calendar tradition I follow the main three calendar's dating back to 44BCE (Before Common Era). They are:


The Julian Calendar: Jan. 1, 44BCE-Oct. 15, 1582CE. Named for Julius Caesar who changed the Roman Calendar from a Lunar to a Solar based one. The Julian Date of #612,230 is the number of days that the calendar existed and was named after Julius Caesar.

The Gregorian Calendar: Oct. 15, 1582CE-Nov. 9, 2017CE. Named for Pope Gregory XIII who called for the new world calendar. It's major change was the more accurate orbit time of Earth around the Sun.  A year. It went from 365.25 to 365.242199 days. Aloysius Lilius was the creator of the Gregorian calendar therefore the Lilian Date #158,905 is 11/8/2017CE the last day of the Gregorian Calendar.

The Universe Story Calendar: NationScience/Nov 9, 2017CE (Berryan Date #0) to Humanityday/Wed, Plants&Animals/July 29, 2020CE (Berryan Date #1000). Named for the epic book of 1992CE; The Universe Story which brought our New Story from the new science and humanities perspective. TUSCalendar tells our New Story of the Universe through the updated new days of the week and months of the year. The Berryan Date is named for Thomas Berry who initiated the New Story in 1978CE and co-authored The Universe Story book in 1992CE with Brian Thomas Swimme!

For the full story of the birth-day of The Universe Story Calendar read TUSC book online for free at


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