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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

"There's a giant black hole in the center of the galaxy

There's a blueprint of my bones in every single cell of me

And everything with weight is warping time and space

I guess it must be just another ordinary day." Peter Mayer "Ordinary Day"

Have you ever psyched yourself up for another person in your life's "big day" and ended up having an extra-ordinary day yourself? I have. It happened last week on my dad's 90th birthday/anniversary of his birth on 6/5/2020ce. This celebration of our planet Earth orbiting the Sun ninety times with him on it, outside of grandma's womb, had come to fruition. Let me tell you what happened on that "no ordinary day."

I had sent him a homemade card along with a couple of gifts with my sisters so all I needed to do was decide which birthday song to sing him on the annual "birthday call" since we lived 2000 miles away from each other. This process started out with the first cup of black coffee at 6am followed by journalling that "life, like dad's, is a process." This lifelong process is sandwiched between the threshold episodes of birth and death. These three thresholds are in the middle of our first and fifth thresholds of generation and regeneration. Yes, this process is called the Existence Spiral Spectrum which all Human, Earth and Universe Community Beings experience. Generation of dad's energy at the Primordial Flaring Forth/Big Bang 13.8bya(billion years ago); Birth of dad 6/5/1930ce(common era); Life of dad up to now 6/9/2020ce; followed by his Death and then the Regeneration of his physical body and psychical spirit back/forward into this Universe Story.

After the deep journaling, I decided on a medley of six birthday songs from the Beatles, Peter Mayer, a 60's song, a durge, the Little River Band and Casey Jones. It sure was fun to call him up and sing these favorites on this extra-ordinary day. We chatted about our family and told him I loved him.

Each Friday/MilkyWayday, I have a call with my friend Pierre at 9:30am. I called him and we started talking about the national topic of George Floyd, racism and white privilege. We each are older, white men of European background with white privilege. After a deep dialog about our family's and their roots I mentioned that I hoped to go to the Black Lives Matter demonstration later that day.

At the 3pm Black Lives Matter demonstration I was honored to be a part of around 250 people peacefully rallying for racial justice. Shortly after I arrived and got settled with my drum six feet away from friends also wearing masks, a college student came up to me and said "Are you the speaker we had in Astronomy class in February?" I said yes. She responded "By the end of your presentation I was crying." She left and I thought to myself that you usually don't know what kind of impact you make on other people unless they tell you. The Universe Story and our Human Story of the last 400 years of slavery and racism are powerful tools for a change of heart!

After the Black Lives Matter demonstration my friend and I had planned on a walk along the San Domingo creek out in the back country. Black oaks, buckeye trees, wildflowers, cool breeze and rolling hills of green delighted our spirits as we strolled up and down the back road. If only all of human life could be this peaceful we thought. After a light meal by the creek we ended dad's 90th with a synchronistic "Sun going down and Full Moon coming up" experience at our 360 point of all directions atop a central hilltop.

As my friend Peter Mayer states in his powerful song "Ordinary Day" portrayed above and below, each Earthspin day and life is extra-ordinary if we plan for and notice the possibilities and opportunities! Cheers and happy 90th dad!

"I live in eleven dimensions, seven more than I can see

Where matter equals light and I am made of energy

It's all expanding from one microscopic grain

I guess it must be just another ordinary day." Peter Mayer "Ordinary Day"

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