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CHASING MOONDAY: Monday's Origin Story

As I was sitting in the dentist's chair this morning, I asked the dental assistant if she new what the original name of Monday was. As 95% of the people I ask answer, she said "no." I told her that it is Moonday and this is the 50th anniversary week of the take-off of the Apollo 11 mission, the landing, and the first step on the Moon by Neil Armstrong. In other words; Moon Week. I encouraged her to watch the excellent 3 part series "Chasing the Moon" for free on

Moonday on the former Monday can be a teachable moment for people of all ages!

Like Satur(n)day's "n", one of Moonday's "o's" was syncopated and we ended up with the non-meaning, non-reality and non-value name Monday. Originally this day was set aside to celebrate Earth's one splendid, unique satellite we named Moon. Maybe one "o" was eliminated so that the first day of the five day work week sounded and looked like Mon-ey? Just think of how much more meaning and celebration we would have for the Moon if 52 times a year we honored our neighbor with Moonday!

You know what? You can start celebrating the Moon today and into the future through adopting and adapting to The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) that honors the beauty and reality of our Moon. Each former Monday is now Moonday and has been since The Universe Story Calendar transcended, included and updated The Gregorian Calendar of 1582-2017 CE on Nov/NationScience 9, 2017 CE. For 87 weeks now people have been reminded of our satellite Moon that orbits Earth around 240,000 miles away every 29.571 days through Moonday.

This Moonday follows Sunday and is just before the new Earthday weekly. Actually TUSC tells our New Story of The Universe through the seven days of the week AND the 12 months of the year. The new Days of the Week are Universeday, MilkyWayday, SolarSystemday, Sunday, Moonday, Earthday and Humanityday. Now is our time as the Human Family to come together around our New Story that only our generation has been gifted with. We are one Humanity. One species that needs to come together at this time of Great Promise and Great Peril. A unified, authentic new world calendar can be an essential educational tool for all peoples.

As we recall the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 trip to the Moon this week, let us also take this opportunity to get to know The Universe Story that the Moon is a part of just as each Human Being is. The Moon is a Universe Community Being that has a powerful story to tell each of us. Now that we have "caught the Moon" lets catch our new Story of The Universe through Moonday each week within The Universe Story Calendar.

For the story of the new days of the week and months of the year in TUSC just go to the menu on this website and read or download TUSC book.

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