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Evolution Weekend


Desolation, creation, evolution, pollution, saturation, population, annihilation, revolution, confusion, illusion, conclusion, degradation, humiliation, contemplation, inspiration, relation, salvation, communication, compassion….solution.”

Every Boy Deserves Favor album..The Moody Blues

Today begins a powerful, consciousness-raising three days called Evolution Weekend. Put together by and Michael Zimmerman this weekend is dedicated to education, unity and consciousness. This movement started out with only Sunday and Christianity being the focus. Then the Jewish Community wanted to be included so Saturday the Sabbath was added. Then the Islamic Community’s Holy Day of Friday was added when members inquired. In 2017 CE The Universe Story book representing The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) Initiative was featured as the resource for that years Evolution Weekend.

The theme of the “Confluence of Science and Religion” is so essential for the Human Family and entire Earth Community of all species at this time of Great Promise and Great Peril. Global Warming, Immigration and War are just a few of the “big ticket” issues that a new understanding among Science and Religion can be helpful in addressing. One of the best resources I have been exposed to in this area is a TED Talk by Michael Dowd entitled “Reality Reconciles Science and Religion" offered below.

Our TUSC Initiative deeply appreciates the topic of “Authority” that Michael brings up that has taken place over the Human Story. The Authority of the Elders throughout 99% of our Story, then the Sacred Scriptures from 3500 BCE to 1500 CE and Science from 1500 CE to today. The TUSC Initiative takes this a step further by honoring and respecting all three as we journey into this new Ecozoic Era and The Universe Story which transcends, includes and updates all “Authority’s” as of today.

ImageCredit: Messier 82 Galaxy

This month celebrates our up to 2.2 trillion Galaxies in our Universe. With today being MilkyWayday, Galaxies 8, 2019 CE a deep look into our amazing Barred Spiral Galaxy can bring forth that Confluence of Science and Religion through:

*The beauty of a Universe Community Being in the heavens that is 100,000 Light Years Wide and 16,000 Light Years Thick (a Light Year is about 6 trillion miles!)

*A Galaxy that births Stellar Beings like our Day Star Sun. The Sun was born 4.6 billion years ago.

*Generation/Existence, Birth, Life, Death, Regeneration/New Life are stages that all Universe Community Beings like the Milky Way go through which are similar in Science and Religion.

Galaxies Month celebrates our MilkWay Galaxy and each of the up to 2.2 Trillion other galaxies in The Universe as of today.

Thomas Berry is his classic book entitled “The Great Work” sums up this mission for our Human Family through this epic statement:

The historical mission of our time is:

To reinvent the Human at the species level,

with critical reflection,

within the community of life-systems,

in a time-development context,

by means of Story

and shared Dream experience.”

Celebrate Evolution Weekend!

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