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EARTH/GLOBAL OVERSHOOT DAY-Human Emergence/Aug. 22, 2020CE. Today marks the beginning of us humans..

using more natural Earth resources than Earth generates each calendar year of 365 or 366 days. This means it took us humans only the first 235 days of 2020 CE (Common Era) to use what natural resources Earth's systems produce in a full year. That is where the term "Overshoot" comes in. In 2020 CE our Overshoot is 131 days. In other words, from today until Ecozoic/Dec. 31, we will use 35.8% more minerals, water, soil, plants, and other animals than the planet grows and provides.

2020 CE is the Year of the Earth Community of Beings (ECB) for The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) community. Each natural resource is an ECB that deserves our honor, respect, and celebration! This is one of the main reasons why today's Earth Overshoot theme is so essential going forward. The human process requires trust in the development of each individual conscience.

What can I do? With 40-45% of the food in America being thrown out or in the garbage, we can watch where our excess food goes and compost more. We humans are the great creators and makers so we can figure it out for the good of all ECB's which includes us humans. Be well my friends!

All ECB's live here! thCA1IQTUO.jpg

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