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437 years ago today, October 15, 1582 CE (Common Era), the former Gregorian Calendar began. Surprisingly, the new Gregorian Calendar did not change the names of any of the days of the week from the Julian Calendar of 45 BCE (Before Common Era)! Tuesday stayed Tuesday until 23 months on Earthday/Tues, Nov./NationScience 14, 2017 CE. That was Earthday Weekly #1, five days after our new world calendar, The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) began on 11/9/2017 CE. Never before had there been an Earthday during the week in the Human Story.

Today, Earthday/Tues, Classical Civilizations/Oct. 15, 2019 CE is the 100th Earthday Weekly to be celebrated within TUSCalendar. That is exactly twice as many as the now famous Earth Day Yearly we have honored since 1970 CE on April/Sun 22. With our Global Climate Crisis awareness at a peak point today through the Great Work of people like Bill McKibben and Greta Thunberg along with the organizations, Extinctions Rebellion and hundreds of others, don't you think we should "Ramp It Up!" with an Earthday each week? The Universe Story Calendar Initiative does and invites you to adopt Earthday each week on the former Tuesday. This Earthday Weekly Project is explained in more detail at the menu button "Earthday Weekly."

Earthday Weekly celebrates #100 this week as we use this former Tuesday to learn about our beautiful planet, third from the Sun! Image Credit: thCA1IQTUO.jpg

Each week we now have a day dedicated to our "Planet A", the "Garden Planet of the Universe." Just think of the possibilities for individuals, couples, families, groups, classrooms, organizations. Education on the biology of our planet, field trips to learn about various animals, families starting a garden in their back yard. Situated smack dab in the middle of Moonday and Humanityday, Earthday Weekly celebrates this unique time in our Universe Story, Earth Story and Human Story. Let's celebrate and generate beauty.

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