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Earthday Weekly Introduced!

Why is there a Sun-day each week and not an Earth-day? The Universe Story Calendar features this essential change as our Human Family's destructive relationship with our planet is exposed.

Universeday, MilkyWayday, SolarSystemday, Sunday, Moonday, Earthday, Humanityday. This is the New Story of The Universe told through the new Days of the Week in The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC). As you can see Sunday stays Sunday. Monday is given appropriately the name Moonday as was the original title of that day. These two grandparented in days welcome their companion Earth through the introduction of Earthday Weekly.

In this Universeday Blog #3 I invite you to read our new menu item above entitled Earthday Weekly. You will find Chapter One from the book The Universe Story Calendar which goes into depth why Earthday and Earth's Story must be told through this educational tool. You will come to understand why we need to "ramp it up" to a weekly Earthday in addition to our once-a-year Earth Day Yearly on April 22. With TUSCalendar beginning on 11/9/17 CE we have already celebrated 57 Earthday Weekly's when there have been 48 Earth Day Yearly's going back to April 22, 1970 CE!

We invite you to start celebrating our "Garden planet of The Universe" each former Tuesday. Why continue to honor Tiw, the Germanic God of War and Mars, the God of War when we can celebrate our Living Earth once a week!

Next week on Universeday we will examine and rejoice in our TUSC Earth-wide former December Solstice: the Ecozoic Solstice is next MilkyWayday/Fri, Ecozoic/Dec 21, 2018 CE!

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