"We few billion humans alive today represent through no democratic choice whatsoever the millions of generations of our ancestors and millions more generations of our potential descendants, with all their hopes and dreams and creations. We randomly-alive-today people actually have the power to end this evolutionary miracle..."

The New Universe and The Human Future pg. 100 and opening quote of the Ecozoic Era month in The Universe Story Calendar 2021ce .

"Eco" means "Home." The Universe Story Calendar Initiative (TUSCI) places the beginning of our present Ecozoic Era at 1950ce. This is also the beginning of the Anthropocene Period, the Universe Story Eon, and the Great Acceleration of human inventions, creations, and ab-use of Earth's natural resources. This new Ecozoic Era month gives us 31 days of deep reflection and action to see clearly our past, present, and future "Home" of Earth. How?

With 2021ce being the Year of the Human Community of Beings (HCB) and 2022ce being the Year of the Individual Human Being (IHB) we can see the transition with these 31 days of Ecozoic Era month. Having just been given a deep look into Earth's Climate Crisis at COP26 in Glasgow, we 7.9 billion of the HCB see this situation on a Homo sapiens creator species and sub-species level. Now each of us IHB's can go into our unique, differentiated Life threshold's and see how I can move forward into 2022ce with clarity, grief, joy, and deep adaptation with our Ecozoic "Home" we named Earth in mind and heart.

On the 21st of Ecozoic Era month we celebrate our Ecozoic/Dec. Solstice worldwide. This solstice, honoring our day star Sun and planet Earth, begins a 90 day journey of the new Ecozoic Season within TUSCalendar that concludes at the Supernovas/Mar. Equinox on Supernovas/Mar. 20, 2022ce YIHB! This is our opportunity to look in wholeness at our past, present, and future lives on our EartHome.

A final question for reflection. What is your primary "home" and is there really only one?

A joy, grief, and gratitude filled Ecozoic Era, month, solstice, and season to you!

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