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ECOZOIC SOLSTICE IS EARTH-WIDE! Finally the Human Family can celebrate both Hemisphere's!

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) Initiative celebrates International Human Solidarity Day on the 20th by bringing forth the Ecozoic Solstice that honors both the Northern and South Hemisphere's Solstices!

Many of you probably thought that you would see the words "Winter Solstice" in TUSC 21st date box. Surprise! This is not a national, cultural or religious calendar. A true world calendar cannot play favorites. You will find numerous wall calendars in Europe, the United States and Canada that will have "Winter Solstice" on the 21st of Ecozoic Era month (the former December). That would be correct because they are North of the equator where Winter season celebrates the Longest Night.

from "The Longest Night"

"A night, that seems like a lifetime when your waiting for the Sun. So why not sing to the nighttime and the burning stars up above."

In Australia, New Zealand and the many islands South of the Equator, Summer Solstice will be celebrated this Ecozoic Era month on the 21st. The Longest Day of the year happens which can signal the hottest time for those nations in the Southern Hemisphere. The Sun is at a high point in the sky while the Moon is lower in the sky this time of year.

Because most of the empires of the world over the centuries came from the Northern Hemisphere, like Rome, Great Britain, Japan and the United States an unbalanced focus on the North has been exhibited. Through TUSC Initiative we now have an educational tool that celebrates equality and inclusiveness during the whole calendar year within each Solstice and Equinox. Listed below are the new months of TUSC that tell The Universe Story and honor whole Earth Solstices and Equinoxes.


Flaring Forth/former Jan.

Galaxies/former Feb.

Supernovas/former Mar.-Supernovas Equinox 20-22

Sun/former Apr.

Living Earth/former May

Eukaryote Cells/former June-Eukaryotes Solstice 20-22

Plants & Animals/former July

Human Emergence/former August

Neolithic Villages/former Sept.-Villages Equinox 20-23

Classical Civilizations/former October

NationScience/former Nov.

Ecozoic Era/former Dec.-Ecozoic Solstice 20-22

It takes a little work to become conscious that we are one Human Community on this Garden Planet of the Universe named Earth. Through celebrating each Solstice and Equinox as one Human Family by using TUSC our unity and diversity will shine forth!

Happy Ecozoic Solstice to the entire of Humanity no matter what side of the Equator you are on or if you live right at the Equator!

P.S. Next week we will look ahead at 2019 CE Year of the Universe Community of Beings in TUSC Initiative! Also Dec/Ecozoic 24, 2018 CE next week is the 50th anniversary of "Earthrise" the famous photo that the Apollo 8 astronauts took of Earth rising over the landscape of the Moon for the first time in the Human Story! Check film here:

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