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EQUINOX: SUPERNOVAS OR MARCH? Will you choose an Equinox of Celebration or an Equinox of War?

Equinox is a day to celebrate our Sun, Moon and Earth companionship. With the Sun and Earth partnership over the last 4.55 billion years, we see a mean temperature today that promotes and sustains the Life of all Earth Community Beings including Humanity. But we can’t forget to give gratitude for Earth’s one satellite Moon who’s gravitational pull gives our blue planet a 23.5 degree tilt and therefore the four seasons. No Moon; no seasons; no Humanity.

Interplay between Sun, Moon and Earth. ImageCredit:

In The Universe Story Calendar’s (TUSC) new Days of the Week we see this beautiful and essential companionship play out in succession. Sun-day’s Energy + Moon-day’s Gravitational Pull + Earth-day’s Life = Humanity-day. Our Solar System’s Sun, Moon and Earth companionship equals Humanity! How great is that on this first day of a new season called Autumn/Autumnal Equinox in our Southern Hemisphere below the Equator and Spring/Vernal Equinox in our Northern Hemisphere above our Equator!

Lying on the Equator near Quito, Ecuador

The word “Equinox” comes from the Latin aequus meaning ‘equal’ plus nox meaning ‘night.’ You could see this word as pointing toward an equality between night and day of 12 hours each around the planet on each of the two equinoxes per year. You could also see the call for a new entire Earth view of the equality of the Southern and Northern Hemisphere’s. As has become known through our Human Story, the colonizers and empires have been from the Northern Hemisphere. Through the new, equality perspective of TUSC we can see the Supernovas (former March) Equinox celebration each third month of the year as a seasonal change date of consciousness transformation.

From equality to =/equals. As we have just seen, Supernovas Equinox is an opportunity to call for many modes of equality on planet Earth. It is also a unique challenge to move from the month March which is dedicated to the Romans “March-ing” toward war and Mars, the mythical God of War. After 2770 years we now have our new, world calendar TUSCalendar of 2017-19 CE (Common Era) and our new Earth-wide Supernovas Month and Supernovas Equinox. As Carl Sagan, the popular astronomer and scientist that gave us the PBS series “Cosmos” famously said, “We are all made of starstuff.” Supernovas are the imploding and exploding dying stars that freely gave each Human and every other Earth Community Being all our starstuff elements. Let us move from March-ing with death and war to celebrating the elements of life freely given by Supernovas!

Through the overpowering, influential and inaccurate cultural coding of The Gregorian Calendar of 1582-2017 CE (Sun, Mon, Tues...Jan, Feb, Mar) and the month of March the last 2770 years since the beginning of the Old Roman Calendar in 753 BCE (Before Common Era), Humanity has not been awakened to the duping, doping and drugging-like affects we have under. Now, for the first time in our Human Story we can choose freely to celebrate and know our New Story of The Universe through the educational tool of our new, world calendar; The Universe Story Calendar of 2017-19 CE! Choose to ritualize and realize daily, weekly, monthly and yearly a new path of value, meaning and reality honoring all cultures, religions, nations and each Earth Community Being! Celebrate Supernovas Equinox!

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