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In 1758ce, biologist and taxonomist Carlus Linneaus named the human species over the past c. 200,000 years Homo sapiens. With the rise of the Industrial Revolution right around that time in England and other countries we humans, according to the The Universe Story Calendar Initiative(TUSCI), morphed into the sub-species of Homo sapiens creator. We ramped up our inventing, creating, and making skills with the addition of our new machines and extracted minerals like coal, iron, etc.

Then, in 1859ce, Charles Darwin published his long awaited and well researched "On the Origin of Species" book. By using the latest scientific inventions, Darwin showed the world how evolution works. Small, slow, incremental changes happen on our planet to all species over time. Not only do the bird species of the Galapagos Islands of the coast of Ecuador evolve and change, so do we Homo sapiens creator sub-species.

Now, in 2022ce, the Year of the Individual Human Being in TUSCI, we celebrate the choices each of us can make as an evolving and changing sub-species. We continue to invent, create, and make things and objects for the betterment of the human family and hopefully all Earth Community Beings. We've invented various surgery's to not only prolong a human life but also to save organs of a deceased person who donates them for others.

On this Evolution Weekend 2022ce, Feb/Galaxies 11-13, we celebrate the advances through science and medicine over the last 163 years since Darwin's famous book. I will end this celebration by giving you an example of Evolution in the medical field of science through the gifts of life Rebekah Gall gave after a terrible car accident. Rebekah gave her heart, liver, pancreas, and kidneys through organ donation after her death.

Letter to the Editor-Union Democrat-Tribute to Rebekah Gall

Week of 1/30-2-6, 2022ce

In deep gratitude to the family of Rebekah Gall for sharing their story with us about her life, death, and progeneration as an organ donor. Also, thank you to Union Democrat reporter Alex Maclean for the in-depth reporting on some very important topics in how our society can face a death phobic culture in America.

In his book "Die Wise" palliative care therapist Stephen Jenkinson states that we have five counter intuitive facts about dying and death that we should become consciously self-aware of: 1. We could be killed. 2. We will die. 3. We are dying. 4. We hate, not honor, death. 5. We refuse to die, not accept it. Rebekah and her family's story help us look at these issues.

With Alex's second article "Crash victim was an organ donor" we see that Rebekah, even at her young age, faced the counter intuitive fact that she could be killed. Because she faced this fact, Rebekah's father Thomas Gomez was able to state, "Somewhere out there are four people who received the gift at a second chance at life." So, when we come to accept #2 that we will die, and #3 that you and I are dying, we can make some choices for the benefit of others while we are in our Life stage of existence.

So, what can I do today? Prepare a Living Will for your loved one's benefit, become an organ donor like Rebekah, or donate platelets/plasma like I will this week.

Cheers, Thomas Spiritbringer

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