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From "To Do List" to "To Do, Know and Be List" in TUSCalendar Initiative.

Today is the last day of this first month of 2019 CE: FlaringForth/Jan Month. Maybe you are like me and on this 31st Universeday/Thur you are making that last ditch effort to begin that New Year's Re-Solution like the 12 out of 80 listed in Project that combats Global Warming. These top 12 Global Warming Re-Solutions are part of each month in The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) of 2019 CE. Another idea would be to try a daily "To Do, Know and Be List" that TUSC Initiative promotes. Here's how.

A Bio-Region is a area of land that possesses soil, minerals, plants, animals and other beings. Humans who companion bio-regions know the land intimately.

TO DO: To do local bio-regional projects like taking care of your yard, growing your garden, helping in your neighborhoods community garden, walking with a friend to your local watershed, talking to neighbors about recycling, compost and garbage pickup, being involved in local community groups that deal with environmental and social justice. TUSC has an Earthday Weekly on the former Tuesday and Humanityday each week on the former Wednesday that you could use to focus on "doing" an activity related to Earth or Humanity.

TO KNOW: To know The Universe Story of the past 13.8 billion years up to 2019 CE is essential as we move toward a Unity Consciousness for our Human Family at this time of Great Promise and Great Peril. Through the Days of the Week of Universeday, MilkyWayday, SolarSystemday, Sunday, Moonday, Earthday and Humanityday this stupendous Story that only our generation has been gifted with through the sciences and humanities is told each week! The Universe Story book of 1992 CE by Thomas Berry and Brian Thomas Swimme along with the new website gives us a path to "knowing" this Great Story we all participate in today.

We can know The Universe Story through the Days of the Week (Universeday, Milkywayday...) and the Months of the Year (FlaringForth, Galaxies...) displayed through TUSCalendar.

TO BE: A UniversEcology Spirituality that guides each person and collective group every day to honor and celebrate Differentiation, Subjectivity and Communion of every Universe Community Being is what TUSC Initiative calls forth. Each Universe Community Being (2019 CE TUSCalendar Theme) from the smallest Neutrino to the largest Supercluster of Galaxies can be honored as unique. There is no other MilkyWay Galaxy! Each Human has a deep interior subjectivity that grows and changes throughout their life. Some call this their spirit, soul, core. Finally, each Being is interconnected and interrelated to every other Being in the Universe. This is called Communion.

So, each day take a notebook or Post-It-Note and write these simple words like the ones listed above: To DO, To KNOW and To BE. Then just list one or two ways you will Do, Know and Be that day that are easily achievable. Then follow through.

Galaxies Month starts tomorrow so enjoy learning about and celebrating our up to 2.2 Trillion galaxies in our Universe! Tomorrow is also MilkyWayday, Galaxies 1, 2019 CE.

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