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the world of Italy, Europe and ours today during this Evolution Week! Galileo Galilei, the philosopher, astronomer, mathematician and faithful Catholic Christian, whose astronomy would prove Copernicus' true theory in his book of 1543 CE, De revolutionibus, that said the Sun is the center of the Universe, not the Earth. But it really wasn't fully accepted by his Holy Catholic Church officially until 1992 CE by Pope John Paul II after a Vatican Commission reviewed it.

Copernicus and Galileo's Sun and Earth relationship.

As mentioned in the title, today is SolarSystemday in our new world calendar; The Universe Story Calendar of 2017-2020 CE. It is so appropriate for Galileo's birthday anniversary to land on our former Saturday. Why? Because this is one of the many results of Galileo's Great Work that almost cost him his life! He paved the way for Reality to come to our common world calendar framework of the Days of the Week. Let us look at this once again through the spyglass lense of the new three R's: Reality, Reason and Responsibility.

REALITY-in the former Gregorian Calendar of 1582-2017 CE we still celebrated, and most people still do, each week that the Earth is the center of the Universe. Yes, the whole Universe! Actually those days of the week only took us out to Saturn with Satur(n)day. Sunday-Sun, Mo(o)nday-Moon, Tuesday/Martes-Mars, Wednesday/Mercredi-Mercury, Thursday/Jueves-Jupiter and Friday/Viernes-Venus. (For more detail go the Menu item in this website that has the entire book "The Universe Story Calendar Book" and read more history on this). The REALITY is that there is no Earthday Weekly in the old Gregorian Calendar because we still unconsciously say Earth is the center of the Universe. Now we don't have to.

The Universe Story Calendar has an Earthday Weekly on the former Tuesday and celebrates the Sun as the center of our SolarSystem not the Universe. For the first time in the 2770 years of Western Civilization's World Calendars we now have a day of the week celebrating our home Earth just in time for Earth Day Yearly's 50th anniversary this April/Sun 22, 2020 CE. Plus we celebrate our Universe's Realiity that As of Today through scientific evidence, we have the Universe of 13.8 billion years. That is celebrated each week now with Universeday on the former Thursday.

REASON-With Copernicus' De revolutionibus and Galileo's "true"" theory of a Helio/Sun-Centered SolarSystem, we now know that our World Calendar needs to change for our new consciousness within the Human Family to come forward. Galileo worked with reason through his telescope, measurements and writing skills to put forward his case to the Authority of the Holy Catholic Church during his time. Religion still held a lead in Authority over science at the time of Galileo so even true, proven scientific evidence could not win out. Because of the bravery, insights and reason of Galileo and Copernicus we now can put forth our reasons for new consciousness tools like our new, world calendar; The Universe Story Calendar.

RESPONSIBILITY-With the theme of Evolution Week this year being "Science, Religion and the Climate Crisis" now is Humanity's time to step up to our Responsibility as the most conscious of all Universe and Earth Community Beings as far as we know. We need to use these gifts that only our Homo Sapien species has. Reality and Reason can lead to a deep Responsibility to do our individual and communal Great Work at this time of Great Promise and Great Peril for our entire Earth Community of minerals, elements, seas, plants and animals, including us humanimals. A new world calendar can help us start!


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