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Tuesdays are Earthdays now. Earthday Weekly is now between the celebrations of our one satellite we named Moon and the other to celebrate our Homo Sapien species we call Humanity. Moonday, Earthday and Humanityday. The last three days of The Universe Story Calendar week with our planet in the middle.

So how can we celebrate this new day of the week that we used to call Tuesday? Easy. Let's break up our planet into the 4 major "spheres" that hold Earth together. The lithosphere, the hydrosphere, the biosphere, and the atmosphere. I will list each of these major spheres of Earth and how we might celebrate Earthday Weekly through this sphere.

Lithosphere-The Land of Earth. Think of the mountains you have traveled to or seen in the movies. Ponder the Great Valleys of the planet, like Death Valley where the temperature can reach 140 Farenheit. Reflect on the Great Sahara Desert in Africa or the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado, United States. Chill over the land under ice most of the time in Antarctica. Relax when you think about the islands made by volcanoes and lava flows like Hawaii and Fiji. Add you own favorite land you have in your life. Celebrate with gratitude.

Hydrosphere-The Water of Earth. Think of your favorite river. Maybe it is the holy Ganges River in Northern India where the local people bless themselves. Ponder the five Great Lakes of North America: Superior, Michigan, Erie, Ontario, Huron. Reflect on the Oceans of Earth. Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Southern. Wonder about the fact that about 70% of our Human Body and Earth's Body is water. What about a small pond or creek in your neighborhood growing up? Celebrate with gratitude.

Biosphere-The Life of Earth. Plants and Animals of our planet. Reflect on the beauty of the trees, flowers, grass and insects in your yard or nearby park. Watch the birds fly above without a care. Ponder members of the Human family that you know locally or have met around the world. If you have pets, how filled with joy they are when they see you return home. Add your own flora and fauna, bees and fish, onions and strawberries. Celebrate with gratitude each Earthday Weekly.

Atmosphere-The Air of Earth. Air, breath, wind. Quiet breezes in the evening; loud, destructive hurricanes and tornadoes. The atmosphere brings up thoughts of extremes. Stop and recognize the next breath you take to stay alive. Ahhhhh. Feel the breeze against your face as you ride your bike or walk next to a lake. Air travels the planet and brings life to the newborn human.

Enjoy being creative in thinking up rituals on Earthday Weekly to celebrate our "Garden Planet of the Universe.!"

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