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Happy Anniversary for Thomas Berry's Birth & The Universe Story Calendar today; Nov/NationScience 9!

If Thomas Berry was alive today, I would love to hear and see his reaction to the various projects of Great Work that have happened since his death on June 1, 2009 CE. I would especially be interested in his take on The Universe Story Calendar Initiative that was officially promulgated on Nov/NationScience 9, 2017 CE with his good friend and colleague Brian Thomas Swimme in writing the epic book over a 10 year period, The Universe Story. Today celebrates the 2nd Anniversary of the first day of The Universe Story Calendar which also is the 105th Anniversary of the birth of Thomas Berry in 1914 CE. Yes, this date coincidence was planned.

Brian Thomas Swimme and Thomas Spiritbringer at The 25th Anniversary of The Universe Story Flaring Forth Celebration on Nov/NationScience 9, 2017 CE. The Universe Story Calendar was promulgated at this Celebration two years ago today!

This book explains the process of how it came to be that the former Gregorian Calendar of 1582-2017 CE needed to be transcended, included and updated with our new scientific evidence from sources like the Hubble Telescope and deep archeological information only our generation has been gifted with! Go to the menu item in this website to read the book or download it.

In celebration of these anniversaries, The Universe Story Calendar Initiative is sponsoring the 3rd Annual Flaring Forth Celebration with Brian Thomas Swimme on Nov/NationScience 16, 2019 CE Year of the Universe Community of Beings. Thomas Berry's book The Great Work will be honored and revisited as we enter this essential 2020's Decade of Vision and Action for the Human Family! Information and registration is located at the top of each page on this website.



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