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International Biological Diversity Day! Celebrating "more than humans" during this Living Earth/May.

In his 2016 CE book Earth in Human Hands: Shaping our Planet's Future Senior Scientist David Grinspoon calls for a new Aeon starting now: The Sapiezoic. With Earth in Human Hand's he says we now live on Terra Sapien or Wise Earth. With this call for a new Aeon or Eon, the fifth so far in The Earth's Story following the Hadean 4.45-3.8 BYA (Billion Years Ago), the Archean 3.8-2.5 BYA, the Proterozoic 2.5 BYA-542 MYA (Million Years Ago) and the Phanerozoic 542 MYA-2017 CE, a new debate flares forth.

Biological Diversity is celebrated in flowering trees like this Cherry Blossom. The word "Biology" comes from Bio meaning "life" and Logy meaning "to study." Human life goes back as far as 7 Million Years and Earth's Life as far back as 4.45 Billion Years."

The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) book of 2017 CE named this new Aeon or Eon The Universe Story Eon. Now that we have this New Story of the Universe of up to 13.8 Billion Years it is essential that Humanity recognizes and celebrates all three Story's and Community's of the Universe, Earth, and Human. UniversEartHuman. If our planet is a Living Earth then the entire planet has been "Wise" since the beginning of the Hadean Eon when the Earth was birthed. It could be questioned if Earth was wise in bringing forth Human Beings with our species the major cause of the Sixth Mass Extinction currently underway. Now is Humanity's time to use all of The Universe Story going forward with our great Biological Diversity.

We celebrate each Earth Community Being from the small element of Hydrogen to the large Blue Whale on International Biological Diversity Day

Today is also Humanityday, each former Wednesday in the late Gregorian Calendar of 1582-2017 CE. Now each week we can reflect on our Human Story and Human Community of Beings from within our epic Story of the Universe. With constructive criticism we can see that Earth is in Human Hands to a degree. The choices we 7.6 billion Homo Sapiens make going forward will guide our planets future in many ways. With our new The Universe Story Eon we see the Cosmogenetic Principles of Differentiation/Uniqueness, Interiority/Subjectivity and Communion/Interrelatedness applied and celebrated through each Human Being alive today. Each person will never be repeated, has a beautiful, deep interior life and at the same time is in an honored and respected oneness and interconnectivity with every other Universe Community Being. (2019 CE is the Year of the Universe Community of Beings in TUSC.)

Our new The Universe Story Eon is celebrated each week in TUSCalendar through Universeday, MilkyWayday, SolarSystemday, Sunday, Moonday, Earthday (Weekly) and Humanityday!

As we celebrate the diversity of each Earth Community Being on our planet today, The Universe Story Calendar Initiative calls each of us in 2019 CE to expand our UniversEartHuman Story's, Community's and Aeon's to be all-inclusive, celebratory and hope-filled.

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