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International Women's Day! Earthday/Tue, Supernovas/March 8, 2022ce: Year-Individual Human Being

In deep gratitude for women on this Earthday/Tues, March/Supernovas 8, 2022ce Year of the Individual Human Being in The Universe Story Calendar Initiative/TUSCI. In transitioning to Earthday from Tuesday(Twi=Germanic God of War; Martes/Mars=God of War) and Supernovas from March(March named for Roman army "marching" in practice during Spring for War 753bce to 2017ce). Now we can celebrate women on our beautiful planet Earth as we remember that we are "star-stuff" made of the elements and particles from Supernovas! Here is a processive poem of joy for women of Earth today!

From Supernovas to Earth come Women This is not about a "day", "month", "year", or "eon." This is about a Universe, Supernovas, and a planet named Earth. This is about a process and journey of the evolution of

a group of Individual Human Beings that number 3.95 billion; 3,950,000,000 as of today. Women. Each woman. Celebrate every, each, and all women this; then the next... precious moments. In H.R.R.A.W/Honor, Respect, Reverence, Awe, and Wonder! Tom

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