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Introduction to The Universe Story Calendar Class #3 Video. Topic: World Calendars and Consciousness

Join us for this Class #3 video. The first class focused on an overall introduction to the calendar and the new Days of the Week. The second dealt with the new Months of the Year of The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC). These two first classes are also available on this New Story blog.

Tues/Earthday, Flaring Forth/Jan. 26, 2021ce will be our fourth and final Introduction class this time around. The topic for that class will the three times we are entering according to TUSC. The Universe Story Eon; The Ecozoic Era; and The Anthropocene Period. Plus Celebration and Gratitude for all who participated! We will post that video next week as well! Enjoy

Brian Thomas Swimme and Tom Spiritbringer at the 25th Anniversary of The Universe Story book and the Promulgation of The Universe Story Calendar on Universeday/Thu., NationScience/Nov. 9, 2017ce.

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