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Languages: Did you choose yours?

On this International Mother Language Day within 2019 CE: The Year of Indigenous Languages, we can reflect on how language shaped Humanity.

Why does the United Nations honor the Mother Language of various peoples and cultures?

Each Year/Earth's orbit around the Sun is used as a time to become aware of Global Issues.

"As the psychologist Carl Jung said 'Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

"The process of behavior change always starts with awareness." pg. 62 and 65 from the book Atomic Habits. James Cleary: 2018 CE

The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) Initiative is about making the unconscious conscious. For some 2,000 years we humans have been unconsciously celebrating Earth as the center of the Universe through the use of the EuroWestern Calendar's named The Julian of 46 BCE-1582 CE and The Gregorian Calendar of 1582-2017 CE. Through the seven days of the week named after the Star, Satellite and five planets that could be seen with the naked eye from Earth: Sun (Sunday), Moon (Monday), Mars (Tuesday), Mercury (Wednesday), Jupiter (Thursday), Venus (Friday) and Saturn (Saturday) our old Universe Story was complete. Then Copernicus and Galileo came along.

In 1543 CE, on his deathbed for fear of retaliation by the Catholic Church, Nicolaus Copernicus released his book that proved the Sun is the center of the Universe and Solar System. In 1634 CE, Galileo was forced by the Catholic Church to recant his scientific findings through his telescope that Copernicus was correct. The Sun, not Earth, is the center of the then Universe and Solar System. Until 2017 CE and TUSC Initiative we have not had the real opportunity to celebrate this knowing through a World Calendar.

Becoming aware of the thousands of languages throughout the Human Family on Earth can promote honor and respect of differences.

So, now we know and celebrate through The Universe Story Calendar of 2017-19 CE that the center of our Solar System is our daystar Sun and that 2019 CE is the International Year of Indigenous Languages for the United Nations and all Humanity. Through language Human Beings are able to communicate more deeply with one another. How can each of us honor our native language we were born into culturally as well as learning about maybe one other language this International Mother Language Day of Universeday/Th, Galaxies/Feb 21, 2019 CE?

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