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March-ing into War! Why the move from March to Supernovas month is key.

From the Old Roman Calendar of 753 BCE up to The Universe Story Calendar of 2017 CE March celebrated the Springtime Ritual (Rome is in the N. Hemisphere) of preparing for war by March-ing the soldiers.

In the Hindu Four Stages of Life you move from the Studenthood first Stage to the Householder second Stage when a person gets married and/or starts their career. This is a significant shift in a persons life when they move from some type of organized education into what could be a lifelong marriage and longtime career. Does each person freely choose to leave the Studenthood Stage and move into the Householder Stage? The answer to that question is an essential component of our new, world calendar named The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) of 2017-19 CE (Common Era).

Did we choose the name "March" for the first month of the Old Roman Calendar (753-700 BCE: Before Common Era), the third month of the Roman Calendar (700-46 BCE), the Julian Calendar (46 BCE-1582 CE) and the Gregorian Calendar (1582-2017 CE)? Now, for the first time, we can consciously choose to move away from honoring the name of the month "March" which celebrates March-ing toward war and the God of War: Mars! We can choose the new third month of TUSCalendar named "Supernovas."

Supernova 1054. Supernovas help us humans realize just how expansive the Universe is. The elements spewed forth from these exploding old stars are what our Sun, our Earth and ourselves are made from!

Supernovas month is the new third month in TUSCalendar that follows the FlaringForth/Jan. and Galaxies/Feb. months. Next month will be Sun/Apr. As you can see with the succession of the (Primordial) Flaring Forth, Galaxies, Supernovas and Sun months, the New Story of The Universe is being told chronologically as of today. Now is our time as a Human Family to update our months of the year to the reality and beauty of our Universe and our Universe Community of Beings.

"If there is any event in the Universe with the power to evoke a sense of the sublime, it is the Supernova explosion. It is spectacular in the present; it shapes the future; and it has been prepared for since the beginning of time." The Universe Story book pg. 49

Did we choose our parents? Did we choose our birthplace? Did we choose this culture? Did we choose this planet? Did we choose our world calendar and the month of "March?" Today we can empower ourselves by celebrating stupendous Supernovas of reality in 2019 CE instead of the old mythological God of War and honoring March-ing toward war rituals through our new, world calendar: The Universe Story Calendar of 2017-19 CE! Choose to become consciously self-aware so you can choose wisely. Welcome to Supernovas month!

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