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Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Acorn woodpeckers, scarlet-throated hummingbirds, western scrub bluejays, neighbor tabby feral cat I named Companion 2, black tail deer, ant community's and rattlesnake on Red Tail trail and our stick-longing dog Tootsie. These are just a few of our Earth Community beings that have companioned me in various ways these past few months during Covid-19. With this new month of Plants & Animals starting today(formerly July in the Gregorian Calendar of 1582-2017ce-common era) in our new world calendar, The Universe Story Calendar of 2017-20ce, now is a perfect 31 days to celebrate, reflect on, and thank our friends on life's journey. Who can you name as a plant and animal companion during this pandemic and how has your relationship changed?

This Plants & Animals month covers the entire Phanerozoic Eon of 570mya (million years ago) to today 7/1/2020ce! This Eon is full of storytelling that all ages of humans love: dinosaurs, early humans, first trees 370mya, extinctions, birth of the Atlantic Ocean, whales 25mya, early cats and dogs 35mya, along with your favorite types of flowers. Now lets go out and meet some of these friends since we can forget about the social distancing with them! Hug your front yard black oak, pet your cat and walk your dog, water and chat with your veggies in your garden. They are way more patient than we humans are, except many Tootsie wanting her stick!

"Noble creatures of the Earth, forces of the Universe, can you show my frightened soul how to make this world my home. Hawk and whale, please, when the wind and darkness reach out can you teach me how to answer 'yes' my friends."

Hawk and Whale Peter Mayer

Rattlesnake on Red Tail trail. New friend!


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