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PLANTS & ANIMALS then HUMAN EMERGENCE. After 7 million years do we know our role yet?

We Humans are in Earth Overshoot mode. This year, 2019 CE, July/Plants & Animals 29 is the date that marks when our annual demand for ecological resources surpasses what the Earth can regenerate. That is more than four months (July/Plants & Animals 29-Ecozoic/Dec. 31, 2019 CE) when Humanity is taking more food and other resources than Earth can produce. If we could turn that around and take off five days a year we could be in balance by 2050 CE!

Earth Overshoot can be reduced through education in the areas of healthy eating and world population.

One of our main roles as the Homo Sapien species on Earth is that of balance. Because of big ticket issues like deforestation and desertification our planet is out of balance. Too much CO2 in the air from these issues has led to our present Climate Crisis and Global Warming. During this Human Emergence/Aug. month when we celebrate our Human Story we can make commitments to work on these issues.

On Sept/N. Villages 20 and 27th, 2019 CE the will take place around the planet to encourage people to work together for climate justice. Led by the youth and Greta Sunberg, that whole week also includes the UN International Day of Peace on the 21st, Villages-Autumn/Spring Equinox on the 23rd along with the United Nations Climate Crisis Summit in New York City. The following day is Earthday Weekly/Tues and World Rivers Day. Two days later on the 26th is the International Day of the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons! Set aside this week to change our Human Family toward Climate Justice and sign up for the strikes!

The Universe Story Calendar Initiative calls for each human to have access to beatiful lakes and mountains like this.

One other resource is the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio called "Ice on Fire" which is on HBO. An excellent up-to-date educational film on Global Warming and Solutions. Paul Hawken's is a key presentor during the film talking about solutions which are featured monthly in 2019 CE The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) Take a look.

Finally, just a reminder to read TUSC book found on this website. We continue to celebrate our stupendous Universe, Earth and Human Stories and Communities through our new, world Calendar.

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