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Sometime before being Birthed 13.82 billion years ago (BYA) the Universe was Generated through some type of cosmic inflation. This stupendous event unleashed the Universe to become the great Generator of elements like hydrogen and helium which helped birth stars and galaxies. Our barred spiral Milky Way galaxy could have been generated and birthed as early as 13 BYA with our daystar Sun's birth date around 4.6 BYA. This led to our system of planets and other Universe Community Beings (UCB's) that we named the solar/Sun system. This star system generated and birthed our planet Earth and satellite Moon 4.55 BYA in brilliant radiance! The Earth Community of Beings (ECB's) and life evolved and continues to evolve to this day with Plants and Animals, including Humans unfolding since 570 million years ago (MYA). The Human Community of Beings (HCB's) joined this new Universe story around 7 MYA with our earliest human ancestors.

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As the cultural historian Thomas Berry famously said "In order to tell any story, you have to tell the story of the Universe." So, here is a version of this new Universe story that can help us put into proper context this question and story of whether this September Equinox term is being used today or not. As we can see and know from this version above is that there would be no "September Equinox" term if there were no humans to think of this concept, if there were no plants and animals for the humans to eat, if there were no "Garden planet of the Universe" for the ECB's to live on and a Moon to orbit around. There would be no Earth or star system named solar if there was no Sun which was generated and birthed through our Milky Way galaxy....all the way back to the beginning of this new Universe story. See what Berry meant?

"March equinox and September equinox: names referring to the months of the year in which they occur, with no ambiguity as to which hemisphere is the context. They are still not universal, however, as not all cultures use a solar-based calendar where the equinoxes occur every year in the same month (as they do not in the Islamic calendar and Hebrew calendar, for example).[14] Although the terms have become very common in the 21st century, they were sometimes used at least as long ago as the mid-20th century.[15]" Wikipedia

If you guessed all three: past, present, and future, for the term September Equinox, you are correct! The other two correct equinox terms would be Autumn Equinox for the Northern Hemisphere folks and Spring or Vernal Equinox for the Southern Hemisphere people. As stated from Wikipedia above "with no ambiguity as to which hemisphere is the context" is key here. This sense of honoring each hemisphere on the planet is a meaningful exercise in naming each Equinox and Solstice. So now let's look at the dates that these equinox names cover for clarity and meaning.

SEPTEMBER EQUINOX- Term used from 1950-2020 CE (Common Era) -Future This name is now being used because of its global unity. Whether you live in China or Australia this term apply's to you and your hemisphere and country. It can help the whole planet of HCB's celebrate the various changes of seasons. It is a whole planet term.

AUTUMN/SPRING EQUINOX- Terms used from 127 BCE-2020 CE. Hipparchus of Nicaea of Bithynia, now Iznik of north-western Turkey has been acknowledged as the discoverer of the Equinoxes around 127 BCE (Before Common Era). He lived from c. (circa/around) 190-c. 120 BCE and was a Greek astronomer, geographer, and mathematician. These individual terms represent their respective hemispheres or their half of the planet above or below the equator. These are half planet terms. (Information from SchHi Blog: Daily blog on science, tech, and art in history)

"BEFORE EQUINOX TERM"#1 Consciousness from 8,000 BCE-127 BCE. Neolithic Villages to Hipparchus. With homo sapiens settling down into villages around 8,000 BCE because of saving plant seeds and the domestication of animals, came the attention to the seasons. With animals you have the various times of conception and birth. With plants you have a time to plant seeds and a time to harvest the plants for food and their seeds for next years crop. So for thousands of years humans watched the Sun, other stars, the moon, their plants and animals to understand when the seasons changed and they were to follow their rituals so they could survive.

There are no terms in this period. It is a localized period for these communities.

"BEFORE EQUINOX TERM"#2 Consciousness from 7 million years ago (MYA) to 8,000 BCE, Beginning of Human Story to Neolithic Villages. With the discovery of the skull of Toumai in Chad, Africa dated to 7 MYA in 2001 CE we have a projected date for some of the first human ancestors. We know very little about this huge amount of time in our story yet more archealogical digs are unearthing new clues. For most of these archaic times our ancestors were hunters and gatherers; nomads following herds of animals in their migration patterns throughout the seasons. That would possibly determine their seasons. Watching where the Sun, Moon and the animals would be during a certain time. They would travel South in the wintertime and North in the summertime with the animals in the Northern Hemisphere. There are two ancient bone calendars from this time period. One attributed to the Cro-magnon people dates to 28,000 BCE in France that could be a Lunar/Moon calendar because of the carvings on it. The other, from 11,000 BCE, is a Lunar/Moon calendar carved on an eagle bone with little curl notches like Moon phases. (From David Ewing Duncan's book "Calendar")

There are no terms for this time in our human story. Localized to the tribes.

So there you have it. A short overview of the story of Equinox from 2020 CE all the way back to 7 MYA in our human story! What a fantastic journey an this is only talking about the one term "Equinox." Now I would like to finish our story by looking at our future of human consciousness concerning Equinox in what Thomas Berry called our Great Work. The Great Work of possessing an understanding of the New Universe Story so we can help humanity have a beautiful and mutual relationship with our Earth Community.

UNIVERSE/SUPERNOVA'S-MARCH EQUINOX, EUKARYOTES-JUNE SOLSTICE, VILLAGES-SEPTEMBER EQUINOX, ECOZOIC-DECEMBER SOLSTICE- Consciousness from 2020 CE/Ecozoic Era to Future. In The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) of 2020 CE the inside back cover displays these new four seasons for our Human family during this Golden Decade of the 2020's. As the other time periods were focused on: 1. Localized tribe 2. One hemisphere 3. Both hemispheres/ Whole planet. Now with number 4 we are challenged to the Great Work of possessing a Universe consciousness on our way to a cosmic society. In TUSC the 12 months, starting with the Flaring Forth/Jan month and ending with the Ecozoic Era/Dec month tells our story with the four new equinoxes and solstices. Bon Voyage my friends. Let's go get a Universe conscious self-awareness!

Present and future Equinox Universe consciousness!

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