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Life is precious. As we welcome Sun Month after beginning The Universe Story with the (Primordial) Flaring Forth, Galaxies and Supernovas months, the story of Life here on Earth starts to unfold. Our day star named Sun gathered Supernova remnants together through gravitational pull generated, birthed and energized our Garden Planet of The Universe. We celebrate the 400 million tons of photonic energy the Sun freely gives out each second to our Solar System!

Images of our Solar System's centerpiece star named Sun has been depicted in art by Humans for thousands of years. The Egyptians worshiped the Sun God named Ra or Re which probably became Humanity's first monotheistic religion.

Life is precious. Isn't it time to move to a deep honoring of our giver and sustainer of life on Earth, the Sun, rather than a mythological Roman Goddess named Aprilis? The reality of the deep companionship between Sun and Earth at this time in the Human Story is essential for a new Universe Consciousness. When we begin to celebrate the facts that 1.3 million Earth's fit inside our Sun and the distance between the two are just right to bring forth Life, then an understanding that the Human Family and entire Earth Community of Beings have to have Sun's free gifts each second, then we all can thrive!

Sun Month celebrates our Solar System's star named Sun. Without our day star named Sun, Life and our planet would not be here. One way to honor and give gratitude to our "Bringer of Energy" is to celebrate every years 4th month as the month of the Sun!

Life is precious. Sun Month brings forth our annual Earth Day celebration on Moonday the 22nd. The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) honors this yearly day of awareness as well as calling the Human Family to "ramp it up" by adopting the Earthday Weekly Project. Why celebrate Earth Day once a year when TUSC already calls us to an Earthday Weekly on the former Tuesday? Now is our time as an awakening Humanity to honor our planet and entire Earth Community to gather in schools, homes, small groups and as individuals on Earthday Weekly, the former Tuesday, and get to know our planet home more intimately!

Life is precious. With the welcoming of our new Supernovas Equinox last month we are now in the Supernovas Season Earth wide (Spring in N. Hemisphere-Autumn in the S. Hemisphere) for the next 91.3 days (on average: 91.3 days x 4 Seasons=365.2) until Eukaryotes Solstice on MilkyWayday/Fri, Eukaryotes/Jun 21. Through this expansion to honor our Universe Story through these 4 new Seasons of Supernovas, Eukaryotes, Villages and Ecozoic we can reflect on our Sun's essential role in our Human Story. Welcome Sun Month!

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