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Furthermore, supernatural explanations always mean the end of inquiry; that’s the way God wants it, end of story. Science, on the other hand, is never satisfied; our studies of the Universe will continue until humans go extinct.”

Why Evolution is True! By Jerry Coyne pg. 225

400 years ago today, March 5, 1620 of the Common Era (CE), no astronomer in France, Spain, Germany or England had bothered to make the Catholic Churches required Edict of 1616 CE corrections to Copernicus’ De revolutionibus book of 1543 CE stating that the Sun moves from East/Sunrise to West/Sunset and that the Earth is stationary inthe center of the Universe. The tide of Authority was turning for the European community from Religion and Science to Science and Religion. The Catholic Church was preparing to republish Copernicus’ corrected book in 1620 CE while Galileo began writing his defense of the helio/Sun-centric hypothesis in his book Dialogue in 1624 CE. Yes, a critical period concerning “Authority” in the Human Story was unfolding.

It's Leap Year! Earth's orbit is 365.242199 days.

Authority within our Human Story is a key component to finding our way as the Homo Sapien species in 2020 CE. In Michael Dowd’s 2014CE TED Talk “Reality Reconciles Science and Religion”he outlines the various “Authorities” of the past seven million years (I use Michel Benet’s “Toumai” Sahelanthropus tchadensis skull found in Chad in 2002 CE for the seven million year date for our Human Story). He states that for 99% of our Story we had the Elders as our “Authority” passing down stories through the generations. Then when various forms of writings appeared around 3500 BCE (Before Common Era) books and Sacred Scriptures for cultures, spiritual paths and religions came forth as the new authority. With Copernicus and others like Galileo in the 1500’s CE, Science became the up and coming “Authority.” Now, in the last 50 years we can see the movement from the focus on Science and Religion to the rise of the “cumulative, collective intelligence or “Integral Authority.” Jean Gebser in his 1971 CE book “Origins” calls for an Integral Consciousness. Gebser was followed by works like Thomas Berry’s “New Story” of the Universe in 1978 CE, The Universe Story book in 1992 CE and The Universe Story Calendar Initiative of 2017-20CE.



Elders 7 MYA-3500 BCE Orally telling stories to next generations

Sacred Scriptures 3500 BCE-1543 CE Written sacred stories to next generations

Science 1543 CE-1971 CE Global, evidential science experiments

Integral 1971 CE-2020 CE Collective ‘ism’s, osophy’s, ology’s, onomy’s

MYA=Million Years Ago BCE=Before Common Era CE=Common Era

As you can see from the Sacred Scriptures/Religions Authority to the Science Authority we have the infamous date of 1543 CE; the date Nicholaus Copernicus released his helio/Sun-centric theory to the world on his deathbed in fear of the Catholic Church. You can understand his fear when history shows in 1600 CE Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for teaching that the Earth traveled around the Sun and Galileo Galilei was put under house arrest from 1633 CE until his death in 1642 CE. With the lives of these brave men of science and wisdom I can see how this new Integral Authority of 2020 CE calls Humanity to use each and every bit of knowledge, experience and other gifts within our seven million year Human Story to unite us. Evolution is our guide going forward with the energy and dream for a viable, beautiful future for the next generations of all species on planet Earth.

I believe that good philosophers fly alone, like eagles,” Galileo said to The Assayer [his newsletter] “and not in flocks like starlings. It is true that because eagles are rare birds they are little seen and less heard, while birds that fly like starlings fill the sky with shrieks and cries, and whatever they settle befoul the earth beneath them.” Galileo’s Daughter book by Dava Sobel page 107

So let us celebrate those astronomers of March 5, 1620 CE who said “no” to what they evidentially knew was true as of that day. Those hard choices led to the evolution of the Authority of Science to transcend and include the Sacred Scriptures/Religions stories that were and are still so important to many people around our planet 400 years later. May we have the courage to continue to bring this new Ecozoic Era, The Universe Story Eon and Anthropocene Period to an integral, beautiful and peaceful fruition!

Universeday/Thu, Supernovas/Mar 5, 2020 CE the 400th Anniversary of “Yes” to our Sun-centered Solar System, Earth that spins and orbits and our unfolding Universe.

Cheers, Thomas Spiritbringer Learner, teacher and initiator of The Universe Story Calendar

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