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The Universe Story Calendar: A blog that will challenge why we should say "Moonday" not "Monday".

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Welcome! Let's Celebrate! Celebrate what you might be asking? Well, each of our lives as Humans on this former Tuesday now called Earthday in The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC). This new World Calendar is the essential transcending, including and updating of the former Gregorian calendar of 1582 CE. With each person that starts celebrating TUSC reality, meaning and value will be present each day of the week and month of the year. How you ask? Well, today in TUSCalendar Initiative is Earthday, NationScience 20, 2018 CE. This is the updating of Tuesday, November 20, 2018. Why is the updating needed? Because when we use Tuesday we are honoring Twi or Tiw, the Germanic God of War. When we use November we are saying that this month is the ninth month of the year since November means "9"in Latin. Isn't November the 11th month? Are you getting the picture now that the whole Human Family has been using the days and months of The Gregorian Calendar (TGC) for 436 years without even knowing the actual meaning of their names! This blog is set up to help me and anyone else celebrate The Universe Story of the past 13.8BY (Billion Years) that is told through this new, worldwide educational tool called The Universe Story Calendar. The plan is to have a blog once a week that will follow The Universe Story from Universeday (the former Thursday) through to Humanityday (the former Wednesday). The main goal of TUSC Initiative is to tell The Universe Story to our children through the days of the week and months of the year at this time of Great Promise and Great Peril for our Human species. This is a "Long Haul" and "Long View" Initiative that will take some time to catch on to. Once an understanding of the deep need to transcend, include and update TGC of the past 436 years that still tells us that the Earth is the center of the Universe, not the Sun, then the celebration can continue big time! Cheers, Forward! Tom Spiritbringer Initiator of The Universe Story Calendar

Hubble Telescope Wide Deep Field Image 3. Each light present in this image is a Galaxy. In The Universe Story Calendar our barred Spiral MilkyWay Galaxy is honored through MilkyWayday each former Friday. Galaxies month, the former February, honors each of the up to 2.2 trillion Galaxies in the Universe, As of Today.

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