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THERE IS NO "PORTUGAL B!" THERE IS NO "HUMANITY B" EITHER! One of the most popular signs and...

statements of the Global Climate Crisis is "There is no "Planet B." On Moonday, Sept./Villages 23, 2019 CE/Villages Equinox during the United Nations Climate Summit, the Portugal President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa declared that there is no "Portugal B." This powerful proclamation made the possible extinctions from the Global Climate Emergency focused locally in one country with millions of humans and other species. This "time to ramp it up" phrase beautifully fits into The Universe Story Calendar's (TUSC) 2019 CE (Common Era) focus on The Universe Community of Beings (TUCB).

Earth is Planet "A". Portugal is Portugal "A". Each Human Being is _____(insert your name) "A". The Universe is Universe "A". Each Universe Community Being is Being "A". There are no two identical Beings in the Universe. Zero! Each Being is unique, sacred, differentiated, unrepeatable and stupendous! When humanity become consciously self aware of this knowing, one person at a time, then the honoring and respecting will commence for each Universe Community Being. This will lead to a new, sustainable, beautiful, mutually enhancing Human-Earth and Human Universe relationship.

Each Universe, Earth and Human Community Being deserves honor and respect because they exist.

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