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Thomas and Mary Day! Celebrating Living Legacy's 6/1/19 CE. On June/Eukaryotes 1, in 2009 & 2010 CE

respectfully Thomas Berry and Mary Schmitt passed from the Human threshold of Life into Death and Regeneration. Across our "Garden planet of the Universe", as Thomas Berry named Earth in his writings, people are celebrating the lifetime of Great Work these two teachers gave to our UniversEartHuman Story's and Community's. Through their lives we now have more consciously self-aware Humans on our planet Earth that are celebrating and adding their own Great Work at this time in Humanity's journey.

Mary Schmitt taught classes like "The New Consciousness" at Holy Names University within the Sophia Center Graduate program. She taught at Holy Names from 1988-2010 CE.

Mary Schmitt referred to one of her great influences, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, in the classes she taught. He was a paleontologist, Jesuit priest and futurist thinker who radically called for a New Story by naming the Galactic, Earth, Life and Human thresholds. He was also a key teacher that formed some of Thomas Berry's thoughts and writings over the years. This exhibits another synchronicity within the lives of these two great teachers during this time of Great Promise and Great Peril.

In The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) June is now Eukaryotes month celebrating the Proterozoic Eon of around 2 billion years ago to 570 million years ago when the deadly element Oxygen was turned into a life-giving breathable element. This transmutation allowed the path for Plants and Animals to come forth onto Earth.

This new month within The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) continues our New Story of the Universe within our planet Earth's journey. Now, after the Hadean Eon of 4.55 billion years ago (bya) to around 4 bya, when Earth was molten rock followed by the Archean Eon from around 4 bya to 2bya when our planet cooled and single cell life came forth, now we enter the Proterozoic Eon from around 2 bya to 570 million years ago (mya). Within this new eon we celebrate Earth's ability to adapt and transform in order to thrive! (Read more in TUSC book on this website)

This thriving of Earth is along the same lines of the thriving that Thomas Berry and Mary Schmitt taught so many students to embrace for the Human Family. With this New Universe Story and our New Consciousness of who we are, Humanity can now do and be and know their individual and collective Great Work. This Great Work is moving our Human Family from our present, destructive path to our beautiful, mutually enhancing presence on this Garden Planet of the Universe we named Earth. This is our ultimate Human choice going forward.

This book is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2019 CE. Written by Thomas Berry, this book provides many of the necessary educational tools for the Human Family to follow. Available at

Throughout our Garden planet of the Universe people are gathering to celebrate and thrive this week to honor Thomas and Mary. In Chapel Hill, North Carolina there is a Living Legacy Conference happening right where Thomas Berry grew up. Green Mountain Monastery in Vermont, where Thomas is buried, is remembering their 20 years of Great Work. Genesis Farm in New Jersey, which Thomas Berry helped start is continuing their commitment to Earth Literacy. And The Universe Story Calendar Initiative is honoring Mary Schmitt and Thomas Berry through telling The Universe Story to everyone each week through the seven days and each year through the 12 months.

"A FRESH KIND OF LIFE IS STARTING!" Teilhard de Chardin From Mary Schmitt's Celebration of Life program

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