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THOMAS AND MARY DAY! Next Moonday, June/Eukaryotes 1, I celebrate the existence of two teachers.

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

"This book is dedicated to Abraham Harold Maslow, a dear friend I never met."

This is how Scott Barry Kaufmann honors his teacher, Abraham Maslow, that he never met through his new book "Transcend: The New Science of Self-Actualization." I could say as well that I dedicate this blog post to Thomas Berry my teacher and dear friend I never met. I could not say that about my other honored teacher, advisor, and dear friend Mary Schmitt. I sat in her classroom.

Each and every year since 2011ce (common era) I have celebrated Thomas And Mary Day. June/Eukaryotes 1 because that is the day that they each experienced death: one year apart. Thomas Berry in 2009ce and Mary Schmitt in 2010ce. The graduate school of the Sophia Center in 2007-08ce focusing on Culture, Spirituality, and Cosmology was based on the four fold wisdom's of Thomas Berry: Indigenous, Feminine, New Science and Classical Civilizations. Mary Schmitt was a teacher in this program.

Thomas Berry

Mary Schmitt

How can I say that Thomas Berry is a dear friend if I never met him? Well, within the Existence Spiral Spectrum of Generation, Birth, Life, Death, Regeneration for each and every Universe Community Being (UCB) we know that Death is not the fifth Threshold Episode of Transformation for humans. Regeneration is. Within this fifth Threshold, a deceased person like Thomas Berry's psychical energy is Regenerated into the Universe Story process through people like me because of his powerful books like Dream of the Earth. He also lives on in the people that he did meet personally over the years that I would eventually meet and learn about Thomas and his Great Works. This popular photo above psychically keeps regenerating thoughts of his work and feelings about him as a human being who influenced lives in various ways. What a lasting gift the Regeneration Threshold is that The Universe Story Calendar Initiative (TUSCI) brings forth!

With Mary Schmitt as my advisor for grad school as well as my teacher of classes like "The New Consciousness" I had a direct connection with her. I talked with her, sat in her classes, and shared hugs with her. Now she psychically lives on in me just by writing this blog post or looking over my notes from her class which she would be happy to know that I still do!

Within The Universe Story Calendar Initiative we can look at our Existence as Humans in a different light now. Our friends, family, teachers and other humans live on in The Universe Story process of evolution through us. Because of Thomas And Mary this TUSC Initiative has come to fruition. Which humans who have experienced Death and Regeneration live on through who you are?

Celebrating Thomas And Mary Day! Cheers!

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