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"Each week on the former Tuesday, Earthday Weekly, Humanity's Time to 'Ramp it Up! 'Earthday Weekly. Each Human's called to their Great Work, like creating this Calendar. Name yours and bring forth beauty on this planet." Earthday Weekly Song

A trifecta. Today, 5/12/2020CE, we celebrate the "tri=three" and "fecta=perfect." The weekday, month and year today in The Universe Story Calendar focus our attention on our beautiful "Garden Planet of the Universe" Earth. Now is our time as a Human Family to recognize our oneness on this planet Earth of finite resources. Maybe with the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day Yearly last month on 4/22/2020CE and the launch of Earthday Weekly the day before we will deepen our awakening to our role as the Homo Sapien species!

In the Northern Hemisphere on Earth right now we see the planting of gardens during the Springtime/Supernovas Season. Home gardens, community gardens, indoor plants, nurseries, organic small family farms and many more people are fulfilling the Earthday Weekly songs summons for "Each Human's call to their Great Work." Growing organic food is one of the major ways to fight against this Climate Crisis Emergency. Saving your own seeds and then planting them in the same garden or farm later helps that bioregion flourish!

Cabbage Seed Saving

Within The Universe Story Calendar Initiative we are featuring the 80 Drawdown Solutions, for the Global Warming Crisis that we are already using as a Human Family. This month of Living Earth we are focused on the #17 Tree Intercropping solution of growing various species of trees in the same area on purpose. Solutions #3 Reduced Food Waste, #4 Plant-Rich Diet and #11 Regenerative Agriculture all focus on our Living Earth and the Earth Community of Beings. Below is a short video of Chris Montesano, founder of EarthAbides Catholic Worker Farm in 1976CE, talking about how growing food takes CO2 out of the atmosphere.

As we celebrate this trifecta today, calling each human to a renewed relationship with our planet Earth and all the Living Beings in, on and above, let us remember last weeks blog on showing GRATITUDE through honoring the air, land and water. Tomorrow is Humanityday which basically calls us right back to becoming the "wise" species we have yet to realize. Cheers.

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