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ULTIMA THULE Asteriod: A Universe Community Being just found!

Ultima Thule: A Universe Community Being

Ultima Thule 4 billion miles away showing how two Universe Community Beings can connect through accretion. New Horizon's satellite sent this pic back on FF/Jan 1, 2019 CE!

On New Year’s Day, FlaringForth/Jan 1, 2019CE, Year of the Universe Community of Beings (UCB) in The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) Initiative, the team of NASA who had been working with the New Horizons satellite, cheered! They had just received their first pictures of Ultima Thule, an asteriod that New Horizons had just flown by six hours before. The pictures that took six hours to get back to Earth showed an asteriod that looked like two rocks stuck together like the figure ‘8’.

This Universe Community Being; Ultima Thule (called an “object” in the PBS Nova presentation “Pluto and Beyond”), is in the Kuiper Belt of our Solar System where Pluto, other dwarf planets and UCB’s are located. The Kuiper Belt is beyond Neptune, our 8th planet and goes out two trillion miles to the Oort Cloud at the edge of our Solar System. Pluto is about 3 billion miles from our Solar System’s centerpiece: the Sun.

New Horizon's satellite path is the red line. The satellite just passed Ultima Thule in the Kuiper Belt.

This New Year’s gift to the Human Family tells us so much about our Universe Community Beings (UCB’s) and TUSC:

In the former Gregorian Calendar (1582-2017CE)the last day of the week, Satur(n)day, was as far as the Solar System went out. Actually that was as far as they thought the Universe went out! Now, our New World Calendar, TUSC (2017CE-Future), has the proper day, SolarSystemday on the former Satur(n)day which includes Pluto and Ultima Thule!

Each UCB, like the asteriod Ultima Thule and each Human Being, goes through the same 5 stage Journey of Existence. They are: Generate; Birth; Life; Death; Regenerate

GENERATE-To bring into existence the first particles at the Flaring Forth/Big Bang that asteriod Ultima Thule will use and become.

BIRTH-To come forth as particular UCBeing’s e.g. the two asteriods that will become Ultima Thule.

LIFE-To exist and become who and what you are before your death. For Ultima Thule the two smaller asteriods accretion through gravity to become one asteriod, As of Today.

DEATH-When a UCB’s accretion/growing is over and they explode and/or implode and die. Ultima Thule could become a planet and die billions of years from now.

REGENERATE-When a UCB explodes/implodes/dies and shares their particles back into the Universe so that another UCBeing can be generated.

All Beings are Universe Community Beings. All minerals, elements, seas, plants and animals between the core of Earth and Earth’s Stratosphere are Earth Community Beings. Only Homo Sapiens of today are the Human Community of Beings. In TUSC Initiative all energy, matter, space and time came from our same Primordial Flaring Forth of the Universe. Through our new Days of the Week and Months of the Year we can tell our New Story of the Universe in an accurate way that celebrates Ultima Thule’s and other UCB’s when Humanity discovers them. Cheers!

Universeday, FlaringForth 17, 2019CE Year of the Universe Community of Beings (YUCB)

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