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Universeday Blog Post #1 "Nobody told me there'd be days like these!"

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Welcome to this first Universeday Blog Post for The Universe Story Calendar Initiative! In our new world calendar, Universeday is the former Thursday and the new first day of the week. Today is Universeday/Thur., NationScience/Nov. 29, 2018 CE (Common Era). The new days of the week tell The Universe Story so we can know and understand that we are one Human Family at this time of Great Peril and Great Promise. So do the new months of the year. We also know that we live on a beautiful "Garden Planet of the Universe" we name Earth. In this Blog Post #1 I will introduce you to this new Initiative that could begin to change your worldview and perspective.

During these Posts I will put my teacher hat on and explain The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) as simple and thoroughly as possible. In my presentations and teachings all across the United States I have found that most people have not been taught much about the history of The Gregorian Calendar (Monday, Tuesday..., January, February...) and why our Human Family still uses it. My experiences and discussions with people show that we did not choose this world calendar of 1582 CE. We were born into it. Did we choose our parents, our country of birth, this planet Earth? Did we choose to follow and use The Gregorian Calendar of 1582 CE?

Presentation on our new world calendar; The Universe Story Calendar.

What would you say if I asked you this question: "If you knew that The Gregorian Calendar of 1582 CE still tells us that the Earth is the center of the Universe as they believed 436 years ago, would you not want to question that?" Thomas Berry, the great cultural historian, said that we are "culturally coded" to not question many parts of our lives because we are born into a time where it is accepted. The Gregorian Calendar fits that scenario. Now is our time to tell the New Story of reality, meaning and value through this new world calendar. We all know that the Sun is the center of our Solar System.


This weeks TUSC Days of the Week are:

Universeday/former Thursday, NationScience/Nov. 29, 2018 CE

Milkywayday/former Friday, NationScience/Nov. 30, 2018 CE

SolarSystemday/former Satur(n)day, Ecozoic/Dec. 1, 2018 CE

Sunday/stays Sunday, Ecozoic/Dec. 2, 2018 CE

Moonday/former Mo(o)nday, Ecozoic/Dec. 3, 2018 CE

Earthday/former Tuesday, Ecozoic/Dec. 4, 2018 CE

Humanityday/former Wednesday, Ecozoic/Dec. 5, 2018 CE

This is the present month of NationScience/Nov. in The Universe Story Calendar. Notice the New Days of the Week and Months of the Year listed at the top. The United Nations (UN) has dates that challenge us like MilkyWayday/Fri. the 16th: International Day of Tolerance.

See ya next Universeday/Thur, Ecozoic/Dec. 6, 2018 CE!

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