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Universeday, Flaring Forth Month 2019 CE!


Happy and Conscious New Year Everyone!

This Universeday Blog for The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) celebrates the energy of this 31 day month of the Flaring Forth of our Universe 13.8 billion years ago! Each year of TUSC will begin with this stupendous first phase of our New Story. We have to! From TUSC book we hear:

The first new month within The Universe Story Calendar needs to clearly be seen as The Beginning. The Beginning of The Story that is the “coherent whole” that contained the potential for all Beings and bodies that were, are today and will be in the future. This initial 31 days of any particular year from now on can focus on this Primordial Flaring Forth event.” TUSC book, pg 88

Universeday and Flaring Forth Month celebrate the unfolding of our Universe over the past 13.8 billion years!

Why do I celebrate New Year’s day and New Year’s month in 2019 CE? So that I can come to know, see and understand our New Story’s beginning. Any research we do concerning any Universe Community Being (2019 CE is the Year of the Universe Community of Beings), lets say the Ponderosa Pine tree, we need to go back to the beginning of trees and then to the species of the Ponderosa Pine in particular. Studying and reflecting on The Universe calls for a probing into the Primordial Flaring Forth.

TUSC Initiative challenges us to see this first month of 2019 CE not as the old, former January that is taken from the myth of the Two-Faced God Janus but to transcend and include going forward into the new Flaring Forth of The Universe Month that only our generation knows through scientific evidence. Buckminster Fuller puts this transformation into perspective with this wise quote about change:

You never change (things) by fighting the existing reality. To change (something) build a new model that makes the existing model obselete.”

Our “new model” is TUSC with the first month being named the Flaring Forth! Through celebrating our Universe each day this first month through following TUSCalendar Days of the Week and reading about the As of Today facts and stories of discovery on website pages like and, we become conscious of our new beginning. May this new month bring new in-sights into your New Year life!

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