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Welcome Ecozoic Era/Dec month! Our new TUSCalendar is caught up with the present time of 2018 CE.

Ecozoic Era month 2018 CE (former Dec.) of the new World Calendar: The Universe Story Calendar

Universeday blog #2 on 12/6/18 CE welcomes the Ecozoic Era month which features many key dates as the first full year of The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) journeys toward 2019 CE! With a main focus of TUSC 2019 CE being Global Warming we focus the Ecozoic Era month on the Project Drawdown's ( 11th ranked Solution: # 11 REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE-Increasing carbon-rich soil organic matter. Enhancing and sustaining the health of all soil sequesters carbon and improves productivity. Looking at TUSCalendar above you can see the 5th is World Soil Day for the United Nations.

Regeneration is the fourth and final stage of all the Universe Community of Beings (UCB). Birth, Life, Death, Regeneration. A star like our Sun was Birthed 4.6 Billion Years Ago (BYA). Sun's Life has reached 4.6 Billion Years (BY) As of Today. The Sun will experience Death in 5-7 Billion Years Future (BYF). Yes, we won't be here! With Sun's death comes the Regeneration of the materials, elements and particles that the Sun will share with the Universe when Sun explodes as a Red Giant star so other UCB's can come forth.

Agriculture is our Human Family's way of growing food since the Agricultural Revolution around 8,000 BCE (Before Common Era) when our ancestors setted down into Neolithic Villages. In TUSCalendar we celebrate this period in our Neolithic Villages month, our former September. With today's large scaled agriculture we are depleting the topsoil through tilling and chemicals like pesticides. Regeneration calls for returning nutrients to the soil, like compost, so a healthy organic matter can grow from the previous birth/life/death of other plants.


INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAIN DAY is on Earthday/Tue, Ecozoic Era/Dec 11, 2018 CE this coming week. The United Nations (UN) not only wants to celebrate the beauty of the Alps, Sierras and Andes, they also know and understand the devastation of mountaintop removals and unsustainable mining on/in Earth today. With International Mountain Day falling on Earthday we can easily tie these two interrelated issues together, not to mention our new month of the Ecozoic Era. TUSCalendar offers these opportunities for education and celebration in the classroom, around the family living room and while hiking the El Camino trail in Spain. How would you tie these days and month together?


INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE DAY is on Humanityday/Wed, Ecozoic Era/Dec 12, 2018 CE this coming week. With health care being a key issue for the well being of many members of our Human Family today, especially the poor, our recognition and understanding is so important. How powerful that this Health Care day falls on Humanityday in TUSCalendar. Are we one Humanity or are we separate to the point that only our immediate family and/or local community matters when it comes to Health? With our scientific knowledge and evidence that the smoke from the California Fires does not just stay in the West Coast of the United States but travels around the planet, we know Humanity could say that our actions affect all humans and species. What a day that will be when each Human Being possesses some form of Health Care! What changes locally, nationally and Earthwide would have to happen?

The Ecozoic Era month celebrates our present day reality of 2018 CE and into the future. Eco means "Home" so when we begin treating Earth as our intimate home that we deeply love then change follows.


See ya next Universeday, Ecozoic Era 13, 2018 CE in The Universe Story Calendar Initiative! Thomas The Universe Story Calendarist

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