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Community of Beings members! 2021ce is the Year of the Human Community of Beings where we are called to work towards the actual day when Zero Discrimination is actually realized. A "giant leap" towards that goal happened when the Biden Administration changed the term "alien" to "non-citizen" for those human beings living in the United States who did not have the "citizen" status yet. Besides the main definition being related to a human being who is not a citizen of a particular country, the other popular culture vision of an "alien" as a being from another planet is portrayed. In this Year of the Human Community of Beings this new world calendar looks first at a person as a human being of Earth that deserves honor and respect because they are a member of the human family and Earth community.

As we enter Supernovas month in The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC), we see that the former month of March has a deep connection with "aliens" as well. Along with being named for the time of the year when the Roman soldiers would practice "marching" in the Springtime from 700 to 46bce onward, before going off to war, the month was also named for Mars, the Roman God of War. This God of War then got transferred to our beautiful neighbor planet that got named Mars. Tuesday, or Twisday in Germanic and Martes in Spanish, are all names for the God of War. Time for a change?

Above: Mars, our beautiful, non-alien neighbor!

Now that China, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates all have space satellites, ships, rovers, and drones on or above our beautiful neighbor planet Mars, the stories of "Martian aliens" are being told again. Conspiracy theory's anyone? It is not hard to then tie any humans on Earth to being "aliens" that are strange, scary, and should be kept away. This is one of the many scientific reasons for our new world calendar to transcend these old, outdated months and days like March and Tuesday who can be directly related to war and aliens.

Instead of separation, nationalism, and war TUSC promotes celebration, reality, and our beautiful, precious Human Community of Beings here in 2021ce. The Universe Story tells us that this creative moment is unique for us humans now that we know who we are in this 13.77 billion year stupendous unfolding of galaxies, stars, stellar systems, planets, Earth Community Beings that includes us 7.8 billion homo sapiens. Let's all do one big HRRAW!! Honor-Respect-Reverence-Awe-Wonder to each human as we work toward Zero Discrimation this SUPER-nova month of magnificence!!

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