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Which Community does the Sun belong to?

Which Community is the Sun a part of? Universe and/or Earth and/or Human?

Blog for Universeday/Th, FlaringForth/Jan 10, 2019CE

In learning a new language some teachers use cards with pictures on them of a subject to be identified. Some examples of a subject to identify would be a horse, a child, a table, water, a tree, the planet Saturn. The teacher would probably hold up the card and ask the students to say the name of the subject on the card in the language being learned.

In a class about The Universe Story Calendar the students would be asked to take this lesson a step further. Which Community does each of these subjects belong to? Universe and/or Earth and/or Human? These three Communities are essential components of understanding our place and role in the Universe as a Human Community. Let us look at each one individually.

Universe Community of Beings- All Beings from the smallest Particle to the largest Supercluster of Galaxies since the Flaring Forth of the Universe 13.8 Billion Years Ago (BYA).

Earth Community of Beings-All Beings in, on and above planet Earth.

IN: From the Core through the Mantle and to the Crust.

ON: From the Lithosphere-Land, Mind/Noosphere-Humanity and Biosphere-Plants & Animals. ABOVE: From the Atmosphere to the Stratosphere.

Human Community of Beings-All Beings of the Homo Sapien species living on Earth or in the International Space Station; Human Beings.

Now take the examples above and place the horse, a child, a table, water, a tree and the planet Saturn within their respective Community’s. Which is the only one that is 100% from the Human Community of Beings and at the same time is the only subject to belong 100% to the Earth Community and Universe Community as well?

Cultural Historian Thomas Berry says in his “Dream of the Earth” essay concerning the three Communities of Beings:

The Human is less a Being on the Earth or in the Universe than a dimension of the Earth and indeed of the Universe…

Ultimately our guidance on any significant issue must emerge from this comprehensive source[the Universe].”

When Carl Sagan and other scientists say that the Human Community is made of “Stardust” that signals that we are a dimension of the Universe Community of Beings. Stardust is a Universe Community Being just like planet Saturn and our Milky Way Galaxy. What are some of the possibilities for the Human Family in 2019CE Year of the Universe Community of Beings if a critical mass of us caught on to this knowing As of Today? What if we used the Universe Community of Beings for guidance (guide+dance) on a significant issue facing Humanity today?

Until next Universeday continue having a conscious Flaring Forth month!

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