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Whole Earth Festival's 50th!

As we prepare for International Earth Day's 50th next year on April/Sun 22, 2020 CE a prior celebration of our Garden Planet of The Universe took place a year earlier at the University of California-Davis campus: The 1st Whole Earth Festival! Started by the Art History teacher Jose Arguelles in the Spring of 1969 CE as a class project, it has always been one year ahead of the International Earth Day of April 22, 1970 CE.

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Dr. Jose Arguelles went on to write the now famous book "The Mayan Factor" of 1987 CE who's Foreword was written by none other than Brian Thomas Swimme who also wrote the Foreword to "The Universe Story Calendar" book of 2017 CE! This is very synchronistic because Jose Arguelle's book would go on to be the introduction of The Mayan Calendar to the entire world. This led to the powerful world wide interest in 12/21/2012 Solstice and the end/beginning of the Mayan Calendar's Great Cycle. The two books that have introduced the most essential and important world calendars have many common threads, the most astonishing to me being the co-author of the epic "The Universe Story" book of 1992 CE: Brian Thomas Swimme.

The Universe Story Calendar has already celebrated 75 Earthday Weekly's since 11/9/2017 CE. Each week from Universeday to Humanityday tells our New Story of The Universe. Earthday Weekly is the key extension to Earth Day Yearly that asks Humanity to "RAMP IT UP" to an Earthday each week!

As we attend Earth Day Yearly celebrations throughout the planet this month of Sun/April, The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) has just finished telling The Universe Story through the 7 days of the Global Earth Day Celebration Week. From Universeday the 18th to Humanityday the 24th as we once again journey from 13.8 Billion Years Ago (BYA) to today's 2019 CE. This fits in perfectly with the Whole Earth Festival's 50th Anniversary theme of Spectrum. On May/L. Earth 10-12, 2019 CE TUSCalendar will be featured at the festival as our new educational tool for our Human Family at this time of Great Promise and Great Peril. See you there!

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