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Why Midnight for New Year's start? And now>'THE SOARING 2020's: HUMANITY'S GOLDEN DECADE!'

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

"For the people of India and Egypt their day starts at Dawn which is different each day. Similar in the fluctuation of times each day the Jewish and Islamic faiths along with the Chinese nation recognize Sunset as the start of a "day." To bring order to an inconsistent Dawn and Sunset, the Romans split the difference from the fore-mentioned and took Midnight as their day starting time. The Gregorian Calendar follows the Roman non-fluctuating clock time of "12-midnight to 12-midnight."

pg. 34 The Universe Story Calendar book (read on this website)

In 11 minutes the Human Community will celebrate New Year's and New Decade at Midnight in Dubai, United Arab Emirates as well as all other nations, peoples, minerals, seas, plants and animals in the 9th time zone of the 24. This year I decided to celebrate with Samoa and areas of New Zealand in our first New Year's time zone. How exciting to get up at 3:30am to see that six or seven different websites were live streaming these New Year gatherings beginning at 4am Pacific Standard Time (PST) in the U.S.A. I felt a strong sense of world unity as we honor 2020CE (Common Era) as the Year of the Earth Community of Beings in The Universe Story Calendar Initiative.

Each time zone more or less goes from the North Pole to the South Pole with all of their particular and similar Earth Community Beings. As the New Year's/Decade celebration rolled along from New Zealand to Australia then Japan to name a few, I intentionally thought about how our entire planet needs each time zones members to work together in harmony as we begin "Humanity's Golden Decade" with our Climate Emergency of Global Warming at the top of the list. What an opportunity to be the esteemed ancestors today for our grandchildren of all species of the decades to come!(Go to to see all the time zones and their members)

Oh yeah, about that midnight time for beginning a year. I found it pretty unifying that the Romans chose midnight as a midgard point to start the day. Even though I identify more with Sunrise and Sunset times, I can see The Gregorian Calendar of 1582-2017CE using midnight since it has been the world calendar used for business and commonality for the nations of our planet Earth for a long time. That is why our new, world calendar, The Universe Story Calendar of 2017-20CE, continues this midnight unifying tradition while still honoring and respecting religious, cultural and national day starting times.

Today in The Universe Story Calendar is Earthday/Tue, Ecozoic Era/Dec 31, 2019CE and tomorrow is Humanityday/Wed, Flaring Forth/Jan 1, 2020CE. With the 24 time zones celebrating New Year's covering these two days of Earthday into Humanityday a beautiful flow happens. The Ecozoic Era's Great Work is to move our Human Community from our destructive presence to our natural, beautiful and beneficial presence on Earth. Our Earth(day) and Humanity(day) flow each week can remind us of our Human Family's Great Work in this New Year and Decade: THE SOARING 2020'S:HUMANITY'S GOLDEN DECADE!

Cheers to you and yours! Thomas the Evolutionary Calendarist

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