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Did you know that the month of March, or Martius in Latin, was the first month of the Old Roman Calendar from 753-700 BCE (Before Common Era)? It was named after Mars, the God of War and was set in the season of Spring in modern day Italy. After the 60 days of our present day Winter months (Summer in S. Hemisphere) of January and February, it was time to prepare for War by having the Roman soldiers March-ing in formation during a yearly ritual of “Spring training.” We continue celebrating this ritual each month of March which most women would probably like to change if they could! Now we can!

The United Nations started celebrating International Women's Day in 1975 CE which was also declared International Women's Year.

Our new, world calendar: The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) of 2017-19 CE (Common Era) has transcended the outdated, former month of March in the Gregorian calendar with the new, meaningful month of Supernovas. Today, International Women’s Day, is now on the 8th day of Supernovas month each year in TUSCalendar that celebrates the generation, birth, life, death and regeneration of stars in our Universe each second. Supernovas bring forth the elements of life we are made of after their implosions and explosions. These processes are so beautiful and are very affirming of our 3.7 billion women and girls on our “Garden Planet of the Universe.”

Crab Supernova

Naming Supernovas as the new third month of the year is part of the telling of the New Story of the Universe only our generation has known through empirical, scientific evidence. This new The Universe Story is now told through the medium of our world calendar. From 1582 to 2017 CE The Gregorian Calendar was accepted as our world calendar that offered these various months like March and July that honors War and Julius Caesar. Now we have TUSCalendar of 2017-2019 CE that tells our modern day story of reality, meaning and values through the chronological months of the year. They are: FlaringForth (of The Universe)/Jan, Galaxies/Feb, Supernovas/Mar, Sun/Apr, Living Earth/May, Eukaryotes/June, Plants&Animals/July, Human Emergence/Aug, Villages/Sept, Civilizations/Oct, NationScience/Nov and Ecozoic/Dec. The calendar below can help bring out this new concept to tell our New Universe Story.

So, as we celebrate International Women’s Day in 2019 CE today, we can make a change toward a world calendar that is real, accurate and up-to date. Women have been generating birth and life for up to 7 million years in the Human Story. Now is our time to move from an outdated month of March and bring forth Supernovas Month of our new The Universe Story Calendar that unites Humanity while honoring women with equality, justice, peace and inclusion!

MilkyWayday, Supernovas 8, 2019 CE International Women's Day!

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