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In gratitude to each of you that made the Declaration to Celebrate each Tuesday as Earthday Weekly from now on in your life! What a wonderful way to make the 50th Earth Day Yearly more accessible each week. Just go back to last weeks blog entry for 4/21/20CE to see and make the Declaration if you wish!

Last week I went down to our local river to watch the melted snow from the mountains rush by as ice cold water. I could not help but think of how the process of that water started out as moisture in the clouds, then snow, then melted snow water that was rushing to another body of water finally to evaporate and return to the clouds.

Snow melt and rain generate blossoms!

Earlier that day I moved a dead squirrel off the road with a stick and honored that Earth beings Generation, Birth, Life, now Death into Regeneration back into the Earth process. All subjects/beings in the Universe go through these five Existence Thresholds. This time for Humanity is a reflection moment for each of us during this Life Stage of Existence. Below are a couple of quotes from one of my teachers regarding "Process."

“One visitor asked with some anxiety, “Thomas, where will you be after you pass on?” Without hesitation Thomas[Berry] said, looking straight into her eyes “I’ll be where I have always been. Right here in the Universe.” This response reflected what he had written earlier: “We are as old as the Universe and as big as the Universe. This is our great self. We survive in our great self.”

From ‘Thomas Berry: A Biography' pg. 174 Coming Home 2019CE

“There is, in this sense, no fixed identifiable religious or spiritual system. By definition any “tradition” is a process, not some established, contained, unchanging mode of believing, thinking or acting. There is no definitive Christianity or Hinduism or Buddhism, but only an identifiable Christian process, Hindu process, or Buddhist process...What is important here is to recognize that traditions must constantly go beyond any existing expression of themselves to new forms of expression.”

Christian Spirituality and the American Experience pg. 116-17 Dream of the Earth 1988CE

Transcend: The New Science of Self-Actualization New book by Scott Barry Kaufman

In his interview with Skeptic magazine, Scott talks about his deep research into the life of Abraham Maslow of “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” pyramid. Food, Shelter, Clothing, Self-Actualization. Kaufman states that Maslow died quite suddenly at the age of 62 without finishing his work on his theory of Transcendence, the final rung on the Hierarchy of Needs pyramid. He shockingly tells us that Maslow never had developed a “pyramid” symbol in the first place. He saw Self-Actualization and Transcendence as an on-going process that never ended and was never reached during a person’s lifetime.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a key component in many writings.

Within the new Universe Spirituality, this idea of “process” is key in bringing forth a unity within the Human Family. Through the five thresholds of the Existence Spiral Spectrum of every Universe Community Being, this process seeds clarity:


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